{Old Navy blouse, Forever 21 shorts, sunnies & cuff, Suzy Shier wedges, Ardene belt, DIY necklace}


Talk about long time no see. As you can tell, I'm wearing the same shirt as my last outfit post, so not much has changed. Oh yeah, except I'm married now.

I can't wait for my photographer to hand me the photos. It'll be hard to no put hundreds of them here.
Married life is the same as our life before, just a little 'upgrade' as hub & I call it.
Plus we have fancy rings. Nothing wrong with fancy rings! 

I hope everyone has been well. I've been distracted for the last 2 months with pre, during and post wedding stuff. I think life is starting to slow and I can focus my energy into my blog more.
I've truly missed it.

DIYing is something I've been doing lately too. Except my version is more like DIYM.. Do It Yourself Mediocrely.. (yes that's a word now) which consists of my sewing the hems on all my cuff shorts so they aren't all uneven and make it look like I can't iron (which would secretly be the truth). Also, this necklace was once an earring and another necklace. I put the two together, and voila! I also broke in these shoes with the help of pinterest.

Mediocrity at it's best.

Can't wait to post again tomorrow & play catch up on all your blogs :)

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