I'm obsessed I tell you. #obsessed.

With both Pinterest, and colored pants. But ya'll new that!

Colored pants are the only way to go any day. I have so many pairs, but never know how to style the top without being overbearing.. but I say anything goes nowadays! 
When your legs look like crayons, the top is only to make sure you dont look like a full crayon..or are naked.
(No one liked a half shaved crayon as a kid did they?)

Pinterest is telling me however, that a similar shade lighter, or a white is the way to go, with one more accent color.

I'm feeling color crazy lately so stay tuned for some colored pants! (besides the red and blue.. i always g0 with the red and blue)

playing with pastels

{BLAZER vintage, TOP costco, LEGGINGS forever 21, BOOTS aldo,
BAG bentley, SCARF ardene, EARRINGS gifted by mama}

As you can tell by the last 47375 pictures (okay, exaggerating) it's been windy here! But it has been the best summer we've seen in a long while, so I am NOT going to complain.
This just explains my hair all summer long.

Courtney gave me this blazer, and I fell in love. Thanks Court! (What are best friends for eh?)
I switched out the buttons for a contrasting black and took it in on the sides. I immediately thought of this scarf and shirt, to play up a pastel tone.

This outfit reminds me of fall.
This does not mean I'm ready for you.. I just like your outfits.

maxi love

 bonus: all of this is totally affordable!

Lately I've been loving the maxi trend! Something about maxi dresses in the summer make everything feel so relaxed and carefree. Add a breezy top to a maxi skirt with sandals for cute & comfy or go whole length and belt for a boho feel.

The best part? They can easily double as a fancy piece!
With only a few accessories - a good pair of pumps and a clutch, you have a sweet date outfit on either side.

I have a maxi dress that when I can't decide, I throw it on an am done!
Two I believe are too short because of my height... sigh.

Then again .. hi-low DIY anyone? :)


{Urban Planet blouse, Forever 21 skirt, Nine West shoes}

Everytime I wear this blouse, I pair it with black then think I look like a bumblebee. 
To counter that I add some print and color. These amazing shoes, gifted to me from mama, do that perfectly. With the color, I figured nothing else was needed. A bold but minimal look.
And with the good weather we've been having lately, it's almost too hot to put on any jewelery.. a mom with sweaty arms from too many arm parties trying to chase down 2 kids in the park is never a pretty sight.

Also, these pictures were taken 3 weeks ago.
Sheesh, I'm behind on the times.


{Old Navy blouse, Forever 21 shorts, sunnies & cuff, Suzy Shier wedges, Ardene belt, DIY necklace}


Talk about long time no see. As you can tell, I'm wearing the same shirt as my last outfit post, so not much has changed. Oh yeah, except I'm married now.

I can't wait for my photographer to hand me the photos. It'll be hard to no put hundreds of them here.
Married life is the same as our life before, just a little 'upgrade' as hub & I call it.
Plus we have fancy rings. Nothing wrong with fancy rings! 

I hope everyone has been well. I've been distracted for the last 2 months with pre, during and post wedding stuff. I think life is starting to slow and I can focus my energy into my blog more.
I've truly missed it.

DIYing is something I've been doing lately too. Except my version is more like DIYM.. Do It Yourself Mediocrely.. (yes that's a word now) which consists of my sewing the hems on all my cuff shorts so they aren't all uneven and make it look like I can't iron (which would secretly be the truth). Also, this necklace was once an earring and another necklace. I put the two together, and voila! I also broke in these shoes with the help of pinterest.

Mediocrity at it's best.

Can't wait to post again tomorrow & play catch up on all your blogs :)