so close, yet so far.

How has it been 3 weeks since the last post?
Oh yeah, you'll see below. :)
I keep looking at inspiring photos and color patterns thinking " its not too late to do that" totally oblivious that my wedding is planned and I am only awaiting the day. . . and paying the venue..and the photographer..and decorator.
Okay, maybe I'm not quite done.
But it's super soon, and I'm actually getting nervous!

These photos have been my go-to images that I've printed off a thousand times for people to see and get the idea for the right icing, fabric, drape, dress colors.
I swear I'm not crazy.

I cannot wait to show you all my wedding photos, I think that part of the photos I'm looking forward to the most.


ALL IMAGES VIA GOOGLE unless otherwise watermarked.


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