on my heart: patience

Lately it's been really hard to attain.
If I lose the patience I do have, then my whole day becomes a mess and it's wasted.
I don't want to waste my days over silly little things.
Or even big ones. 
I need each day to be the best one yet.

I've been losing patience in all areas lately, and I need the strength to make it stop.

When I'm praying for something and it's not happening as soon as I'd like or need it to.
When I can't focus on my work.
When I'm struggling to be the best in my faith as possible.
When people are getting on my nerves (and mainly that's because I'm so irritable when I'm lacking patience on any given day).
When my children are not listening, or the hub for that matter.
I lose it.

I shut down and break down.
I don't have any drive left.
No matter how many smiles come that day, or how many minutes I have alone.
I hate the power it has sometimes.

Just today my brother and I got in a fight.
It was stupid, and it ruined my day.
I can easily say that I was not at fault, but what good does that do?
That only makes a blaming game, and that is a breeding ground for so many other things.

I need to remember to keep my cool.
It's hard.
REALLY hard. 
I'm so headstrong and set in some of my ways, it's easy for me to put my emotions across in negative ways. I want to learn to fix this.

I want to be patient.
I need to be. 
For my friends.
For my family.
For me.

I want to take the kids on to the playground, to parties, to church (which I do) but not have to worry about losing my cool or being so frustrated in the littlest things that I potentially ruin the day for ever one else.
I want my children as well as other friends that patience is the hardest, but most rewarding gift.
I want them to see mine, and learn from it.

If the children are getting in the way of supper, let's turn it positive and ask if they'd like to help.
If someone is unintentionally upsetting my mood, I'll offer up a coffee date or a nice outdoors walk to make it better.
Be patient with the hub when he constantly comes home late for work.
It's all for the greater good, Kelly. Learn to know and accept that.

 I read somewhere that if you ask God for patience, He'll put something in your way to test that first. If you overcome, you'll gain a little more.
Think of each little thing as a test from God. With each accomplishment, you'll win both ways:
win in the situation, and win patience.

He always has a plan for you. 
And patience is key during that plan-in-motion.

Oh golly. That's whats on my heart this week guys.

How do you all cope when you feel yourself starting to lose your cool? Music? Dancing? Exercise?
I love all three, I think that may be my mojo from now on..

 As always, I love you and ..

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