gaining ground

{wear: BB DAKOTA blazer, WALMART cardi, F21 jeans/tank/flower/aviators,
URBAN PLANET wedges, ARDENE earrings/belt, BENTLEY bag}

 You guys see that!
And by that I mean sunglasses & blue skies!

Yesterday was another great day. We've been lucking out on nice weather for the past little while, which I strange. Over this way we usually get snow until May! ..not that I want to jinx it now or anything!

Apart from my moods which seem to be on the 'final exam week' fritz, I've been putting together outfits that I love. Its so nice to step out of the house and feel good.
I looked back at my first posts, and jeezee.
In only a few shorts months I feel like I've come so far and gained such ground in who I am, and how I want to present myself in both online world, and the fashion world.

I hate the word 'fashion' though..sounds to 'elitist.
I like style.

I look at this outfit, and can't believe I'm wearing it-and with confidence!
I've also been weaing bandeaus and sheer tops a lot.
Rebel I tell you.

It was a busy, but good 2 days.
Hoping to have a work outfit tomorrow to show!

ps. thank you for all the lovely comments on the 'on my heart' post.
You guys rock.


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