graduation day

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. You are the guy who'll decide where to go.”- Dr. Seuss

Yesterday my little brother graduated from high school.

The little brother who I used to be jealous of and pick on as my new younger sibling.
The little brother who helped me get babysitting jobs from all his friends' parents.
The little bro who taught me all the tricks for Pokemon games on his turquoise Gameboy color.
The little bro who took mostly took my side in the trio of sibling fights.
The little bro who would always die laughing with me at games, tv, movies and other inside jokes.

The bro who I thought would is eons away from a girlfriend.
From high school.
From graduation.

He now has all that under his belt.

He asks me for advice on life things, and I'm baffled that he's old enough to know these things, and be in these situations, and is asking me about it.
We get along more each day, and that makes me really glad.
No matter what milestones in life he hits, he'll always be the middle brother & my little bro.
I love ya, Jake.

I've never been more proud to be your big sis.

(The youngest brother, Nathan, Myself and Jake.)

And as per request, what I wore :)

 *ENVY dress, BB DAKOTA blazer, LE CHATEAU clutch,
RIVER ISLAND belt & PAYLESS nude pumps (not shown)


gaining ground

{wear: BB DAKOTA blazer, WALMART cardi, F21 jeans/tank/flower/aviators,
URBAN PLANET wedges, ARDENE earrings/belt, BENTLEY bag}

 You guys see that!
And by that I mean sunglasses & blue skies!

Yesterday was another great day. We've been lucking out on nice weather for the past little while, which I strange. Over this way we usually get snow until May! ..not that I want to jinx it now or anything!

Apart from my moods which seem to be on the 'final exam week' fritz, I've been putting together outfits that I love. Its so nice to step out of the house and feel good.
I looked back at my first posts, and jeezee.
In only a few shorts months I feel like I've come so far and gained such ground in who I am, and how I want to present myself in both online world, and the fashion world.

I hate the word 'fashion' though..sounds to 'elitist.
I like style.

I look at this outfit, and can't believe I'm wearing it-and with confidence!
I've also been weaing bandeaus and sheer tops a lot.
Rebel I tell you.

It was a busy, but good 2 days.
Hoping to have a work outfit tomorrow to show!

ps. thank you for all the lovely comments on the 'on my heart' post.
You guys rock.


on my heart: patience

Lately it's been really hard to attain.
If I lose the patience I do have, then my whole day becomes a mess and it's wasted.
I don't want to waste my days over silly little things.
Or even big ones. 
I need each day to be the best one yet.

I've been losing patience in all areas lately, and I need the strength to make it stop.

When I'm praying for something and it's not happening as soon as I'd like or need it to.
When I can't focus on my work.
When I'm struggling to be the best in my faith as possible.
When people are getting on my nerves (and mainly that's because I'm so irritable when I'm lacking patience on any given day).
When my children are not listening, or the hub for that matter.
I lose it.

I shut down and break down.
I don't have any drive left.
No matter how many smiles come that day, or how many minutes I have alone.
I hate the power it has sometimes.

Just today my brother and I got in a fight.
It was stupid, and it ruined my day.
I can easily say that I was not at fault, but what good does that do?
That only makes a blaming game, and that is a breeding ground for so many other things.

I need to remember to keep my cool.
It's hard.
REALLY hard. 
I'm so headstrong and set in some of my ways, it's easy for me to put my emotions across in negative ways. I want to learn to fix this.

I want to be patient.
I need to be. 
For my friends.
For my family.
For me.

I want to take the kids on to the playground, to parties, to church (which I do) but not have to worry about losing my cool or being so frustrated in the littlest things that I potentially ruin the day for ever one else.
I want my children as well as other friends that patience is the hardest, but most rewarding gift.
I want them to see mine, and learn from it.

If the children are getting in the way of supper, let's turn it positive and ask if they'd like to help.
If someone is unintentionally upsetting my mood, I'll offer up a coffee date or a nice outdoors walk to make it better.
Be patient with the hub when he constantly comes home late for work.
It's all for the greater good, Kelly. Learn to know and accept that.

 I read somewhere that if you ask God for patience, He'll put something in your way to test that first. If you overcome, you'll gain a little more.
Think of each little thing as a test from God. With each accomplishment, you'll win both ways:
win in the situation, and win patience.

He always has a plan for you. 
And patience is key during that plan-in-motion.

Oh golly. That's whats on my heart this week guys.

How do you all cope when you feel yourself starting to lose your cool? Music? Dancing? Exercise?
I love all three, I think that may be my mojo from now on..

 As always, I love you and ..

my poor hands, and other eastery things

Hey guys!
Long time no..month? I've been lacking a good few life departments lately.
LUCKILY for everyone, lectures have ended.
Thank the sweet Lord above. You know I love school and all, but come on...a review, a 300 word vocab booklet, a research AND a fieldwork interview/paper combo all in a week.
After writing close to 25,000 words this week.. Yep. That number is right.. I could barely put on my makeup.
Plus this was Easter weekend so you can guess how many hours I spend eating chocolate and watching 'The Big Bang Theory' marathon versus papers.
Too many.

I fortunately remembered to take a photo of my Easter Sunday outfit!
My wonderful friend, Liz, whom I've mentioned numerous times before, bought this dress for me as a birthday gift!
I was nursery duty with 18 children and had fun. This outfit caused many a laughter as I built block towers then towered myself after stepping on the back of it...all in good fun I suppose!

I'll be back tomorrow night with another 'On My Heart', until then, hope everyone had an amazing Easter weekend, I've missed you all! :)

Dress & Belt:Urban Planet || Shoes: Payless || Earrings: Ardene || Tights: Thrifted ||
Coat: Beyond the Rack || Cardi: Walmart


good friday

Today is the beginning of remembering the most powerful weekend in life's history.

Lord help us to never forget the significance of this day, and to keep it in our hearts not only at Easter, but all year long.