{wearing: thrifted joe fresh dress, urban planet shawl,
thrifted tights, spring booties, ardene earrings & belt}

Hey guys!
How's the week going? I can't believe it's Friday already.
Time gets quicker each week..which means so do my unfinished papers. Ahem.

I am HATING how everyone is getting spring and summer weather. Bahumbug it's still -5 here..
don't let my dress fool you. I rushed my coat off and it was raining. You just can't see the rain..

This has been a rough 2 days, so I am glad it's over. Had some bad news, then even worse news.
My main concern with life is being stagnant. I hate it. I fear it staying that way.
But enough of that, just say an extra prayer for myself tonight if you would be so kind.
We need a miracle.

I have been loving my latest outfits though, which is a blessing. I think re-evaluating my closet once a month is becoming a necessity.
Laundry's all done... but not put away.
There's always tomorrow right...?


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