{wear: blazer-vintage (stolen from my nana), skirt, leggings & tank-forever 21,
boots-aldo, necklace-suzy shier, bracelet-gift}

My town is in a weird in-between stage now... it can't fully decide if it wants to be winter again, or spring.
It'll snow and be -15 then the next day, it'll all melt and be +4.
UGH what I wouldn't give to live in Texas all year round.. or Florida.
Places without snow that are warm all year long.

Canadian winters put me in a rut. You HAVE to layer, or you'll freeze, you HAVE to wear boots or you'll freeze (or get wet) and you HAVE to wear coats/hats/mittens/ or you'll freeze.
Am I not the best spokesperson for Canada in winter, ever?
Not to mention how everything is covered in that gross, salty, brown slush/ice combo.
Makes for lovely pictures, no?

I've been in such a rut, hating all my clothes again.
Gosh I hate this. I know I have so much, and am so thankful that I do, but after the 12th outfit in 20 minutes, I get really frustrated and discouraged by everything that I own.
I think it's time to get thrifting again.
Just my luck that a new, huge one opened up not too far from my house.

Guys, PLEASE tell me how you get out of ruts? I seem to have this problem often.
I feel 'Pinterest Inspiration' coming on in the next 2 days...


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