dressed to the nines

{wearing: BB Dakota blazer, Bluenotes jeans, Spring wedges,
Suzy Shier
blouse, Forever21 Accessories, Levi's Belt}

Wore this outfit today to church, then grocery shopping, hence the wedges over spike heels.
I think this is pretty much my favorite outfit ever.
Its warm, chic, and has the right pop of color.
I'll let you all know, I am wearing this again tomorrow..well a variation of it!
It'll be a different color palette and a little more school-friendly/walking on campus-friendly, shoe wise :)
I'll put them side by side to compare.

I have to say, considering how I've been picking my favorite pieces and wearing the crap out of them, i'm 99% sure I'm going to start the 30 for 30 remix any day now.
I have to pick my items, and document everyday again for 30 days :)
The weather has been lightening up ever since my winter rant post.
So thanks, Mother Nature for reading. And listening.

I'm off to my MOH, Courtney's house later. I loveee mommy/girl/bff time.
We're going to be planning some fun wedding things! Starbucks, Google and Pinterest, here we come, haha! The wedding is soo super closeeee.
I've been having dreams where things so terribly wrong.. like I didn't have time to shower, or i didn't wear any makeup and had my hair in a greasy ponytail.
Let's stop there.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! See you all tomorrow, promise.


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