feels like spring

{wearing: Forever21 cardigan & ring , Urban Planet dress & belt,
Thrifted tights, Aldo boots, Bentley bag, Ardene earrings}

Hello lovelies! :)

I have been optimistic lately that this year is going to be the best spring and summer we've ever seen. Believe it and it will happen :)

I got this dress one night out with my sweet friend, Liz, and as soon as I put it on, I felt springy and cute.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have to admit, if you put on one outfit in the morning and feel as good as I did, your whole day is going to be amazing.
I was so happy all day, and didn't wear a coat!..until after supper.

My longest friend, (of 15 years!!) and I went out as a "we-havent-seen-each-other-in-so-long/my early birthday" celebration at Montana's Cookhouse.
It's so nice to talk over a great meal, then continue to laugh and chat while driving afterwards.

I've been feeling especially blessed this week with so many people saying they are attending my wedding, and for being in my life so often and constantly!

Guys, I love you all.


pinterest interest 2

Hello friends!

I've still been digging my own outfits this week which is great!
However, the weather has still been unforgiving and my brain forgetful which is why I'm lacking in the photos department...

and I know i've said it a million times, but the semester ends on Wednesday! Alas, I still have 4 papers due.. oh the joys of a university student.
Summer cannot come fast enough.
More sewing, more outdoors, an outfit without a coat.. oh look out!

Today I bring you some more lovely inspiration from my Pinterest :)

I refuse to leave the house without some pattern/texture/color combo on!
I am obsessed.

Enjoy :)

I ADORE Wendy!





{wearing: thrifted joe fresh dress, urban planet shawl,
thrifted tights, spring booties, ardene earrings & belt}

Hey guys!
How's the week going? I can't believe it's Friday already.
Time gets quicker each week..which means so do my unfinished papers. Ahem.

I am HATING how everyone is getting spring and summer weather. Bahumbug it's still -5 here..
don't let my dress fool you. I rushed my coat off and it was raining. You just can't see the rain..

This has been a rough 2 days, so I am glad it's over. Had some bad news, then even worse news.
My main concern with life is being stagnant. I hate it. I fear it staying that way.
But enough of that, just say an extra prayer for myself tonight if you would be so kind.
We need a miracle.

I have been loving my latest outfits though, which is a blessing. I think re-evaluating my closet once a month is becoming a necessity.
Laundry however...it's all done... but not put away.
There's always tomorrow right...?


equestrian (double take #2)


This is version 2 of yesterday's outfit!
I still think I'm more in love with version 1...Because I'm a little biased toward that blazer and wedges.
What do you guys think? :) Fav color combo?

I love making variations of outfits; makes for an easy getting dressed morning. Courtney and I have decided on a 'No Shopping Month' (besides ONE cheat day..mainly because my birthday is soon and I wanna shop!)
It'll be nice to re-evaluate all I have. As you've read over the last little while, I seem to hate all outfits and things I own lately, which is never a nice state to be in.

I got this blazer at Sears, and I fell totally in love with the elbow pads! This was a bit easier to maneuver around campus in. I do however feel like an old prof..or an equestrian in this outfit. I think Ralph Lauren would approve.

I'm off early tonight! Pretty Little Liars season 2 finale is on where the show who 'A' is! But like always, I think it'll be real anti-climactic and not live up to the month long hype, aha.

Have a good night/day everyone!


dressed to the nines

{wearing: BB Dakota blazer, Bluenotes jeans, Spring wedges,
Suzy Shier
blouse, Forever21 Accessories, Levi's Belt}

Wore this outfit today to church, then grocery shopping, hence the wedges over spike heels.
I think this is pretty much my favorite outfit ever.
Its warm, chic, and has the right pop of color.
I'll let you all know, I am wearing this again tomorrow..well a variation of it!
It'll be a different color palette and a little more school-friendly/walking on campus-friendly, shoe wise :)
I'll put them side by side to compare.

I have to say, considering how I've been picking my favorite pieces and wearing the crap out of them, i'm 99% sure I'm going to start the 30 for 30 remix any day now.
I have to pick my items, and document everyday again for 30 days :)
The weather has been lightening up ever since my winter rant post.
So thanks, Mother Nature for reading. And listening.

I'm off to my MOH, Courtney's house later. I loveee mommy/girl/bff time.
We're going to be planning some fun wedding things! Starbucks, Google and Pinterest, here we come, haha! The wedding is soo super closeeee.
I've been having dreams where things so terribly wrong.. like I didn't have time to shower, or i didn't wear any makeup and had my hair in a greasy ponytail.
Let's stop there.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! See you all tomorrow, promise.



{wear: blazer-vintage (stolen from my nana), skirt, leggings & tank-forever 21,
boots-aldo, necklace-suzy shier, bracelet-gift}

My town is in a weird in-between stage now... it can't fully decide if it wants to be winter again, or spring.
It'll snow and be -15 then the next day, it'll all melt and be +4.
UGH what I wouldn't give to live in Texas all year round.. or Florida.
Places without snow that are warm all year long.

Canadian winters put me in a rut. You HAVE to layer, or you'll freeze, you HAVE to wear boots or you'll freeze (or get wet) and you HAVE to wear coats/hats/mittens/ or you'll freeze.
Am I not the best spokesperson for Canada in winter, ever?
Not to mention how everything is covered in that gross, salty, brown slush/ice combo.
Makes for lovely pictures, no?

I've been in such a rut, hating all my clothes again.
Gosh I hate this. I know I have so much, and am so thankful that I do, but after the 12th outfit in 20 minutes, I get really frustrated and discouraged by everything that I own.
I think it's time to get thrifting again.
Just my luck that a new, huge one opened up not too far from my house.

Guys, PLEASE tell me how you get out of ruts? I seem to have this problem often.
I feel 'Pinterest Inspiration' coming on in the next 2 days...


little moments

I took this picture today in the car as J and I delivered some wedding invitations.
I was cranky because time was running out on delivering and for doing errands as well, then I turned around to this.
I'll admit, this was a rare occasion where I just stared at them, asleep, snoring away.
These are my children.

It's still hard to believe that I'm a mother sometimes. It feels like I have always been one because it happened so suddenly, and so early in my life, but at the same time it feels like yesterday I became one.

I'll never forget the feelings I got when I held them both for the first time.
Something pure. Nothing like I've ever felt before. Real fear.
The instant knowledge that I am in charge of how their lives turn out.
They are mine, and I solely gave birth to them.
I am responsible for their upbringing in faith, how they behave and act.
It was overwhelming.

However, at the same time I had such a strong sense of what true love was.
All this time, that was how it really felt.

"When a woman is giving birth, she has sorrow because her hour has come, but when she has delivered the baby, she no longer remembers the anguish, for joy that a human being has been born into the world." John 16:21

To know that someone these little people would cry and the only person in the world that could comfort them was me.
When they get hurt physically, or emotionally, I would be the one to console them.
Don't we all remember the ultimate power whoever was taking care of us had when we were sick or upset?
I had that now.
It was surreal.

I want to do my best as a mother and often get too tied up in all I do and everything that is around me to stop and remember these little moments.
The simple act of a child asleep and snoring can bring tears to your eyes.

I don't tell them enough, but they are my world.
All I do is for them.
I live for them.
We are one.

People always ask me how hard it must be working, being a student, fiancee, and mother all at the same time.
What they never ask me is how lucky do I feel for having so many blessings and wonderful moments in my life.
I believe it's something we all take for granted.

I hope to treasure every future moment a little more, or as much as I did this one today.


take two

{wear: blazer-bb dakota, skirt-marquis: both via envy; top, earrings & necklace-forever 21, booties-spring}

It feels so good to be back with an outfit post!
I have been everywhere lately, with so much happening... I feel like I've been saying that too much. Oh the life of a mother/student/wife to be in less than 4 months.

I find myself CONSTANTLY pairing leopard with these new black wedges. It totally makes me sky high, and gives me a little edge with any outfit. If I have no idea what to wear I just throw on some leopard and am ready to go.

I've also been addicted to blazers lately. Snagged this REAL leather lapel one at Envy last night. 150$ on sale for 30$? Hells yes! Mine, all mine. I really needed black one that wasn't suede and fit me properly. This one fits like a 'T' and makes me feel like a million bucks.

I miss all of you guys like crazy, and promise to catch up this week! How have you all been? I hope all is well :)
The light is at the end of the tunnel for this semester, with flowy dresses, skirts and sandals awaiting me.
Bring it on!


on my heart

This one is a biggie guys.
I'm going to put my heart out there on a topic that I struggle with every minute of my life. It will be a constant battle, but I believe that over time I shall overcome.
Let's be honest. It's a battle for everyone.
If you say you haven't felt it before - you're lying, straight up.

Jealously. Lust. Envy.
Whatever you may name it.

Everyday we interact with people.
Friends, family, co-workers, strangers, bloggers..
We all have this feeling and for some of us it is too much at times.

It makes you feel 'lousy'.
It is the inability to be happy for someone else's success or blessings in life because of personal insecurities.
It results from the belief that another person’s gain or happiness somehow diminishes your own.
It's a fear that you will never have what you're trying to attain.

I hate how strong this is for us as women. And men as well.

James 3:16 says, "For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there is disorder and every evil thing."

It diminishes our view of ourselves.
It strains relationships and friendships alike.
The fear of losing someone that means so much to you tugs your heart so relentlessly that it paralyzes you and the connection you have with that other person and does not let it continue to become authentic and true.

I have too many relationships that I have struggled with and lost because of jealously.
I have many friendships now where there have become pangs of envy when I see them with a certain someone, having something I want in life, or simply seeing them as superior to myself.
I sincerely apologize to anyone I've felt jealous against. It only hurts both parties involved and never lets our full potential to be met.

Also, why aren't we celebrating others' happiness? Do the accomplishments of a dear friend matter so less to us that we pretend to be happy for them?
The people who are closest to us will naturally share their successes and desire us to share in their happiness.
Not only do we deny ourselves, we deny others.

Material things do not matter, they only help us get by in life until we reach our new home.
We share something even better. We are all the same to Christ.
His love is unmatched and is flawless.
He loves everyone the same.
He loves everyone forever.

Be contented in the Lord and when you are content with and grateful for what you have, there is no need to compare with others.
It is bound to be difficult but trust God and be thankful for what you have.
The best feeling that opposes jealousy is happiness.
So love hard and be happy.

If you are not feeling particularly grateful this week, maybe now is the time to dig deeper and keep close to your heart the things that no one else has.
Your family; parents, children and your freinds. No one can ever have the exact same connection with another person as you do.
No one can ever be you.
Rejoice in that. Celebrate you.
Pray that your focus will be on all that you have opposed to everything you want or what you do not have.

I wanted to write this post and share it with you all, hoping it will be a blessing to someone who needs to hear it.
I don't know a single person who hasn't been affected by jealousy at least once in their life.

Much love to all of you,