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Lovely pinterest inspiration for myself and you!

I am in another fashion rut recently. I've been kinda of 'afraid' to wear 'different' stuff. Possibly being at MUN and having a flu. Not like I need the extra attention when I'm 'that one girl' who is sneezing and sniffling so much her professor has to practically yell over you during lectures.
I am having a love affair with so many things I never thought I would wear, so I need to get out of this rut!

Hopefully with the baptism I'm attending tomorrow I'll get my groove back on and dress nice.
Here's hopin'

I'm dropping from writing a folklore paper and then doing this, so I'll be back tomorrow with more to write on.


Ps. If anyone has any problems with alignment or font viewing on here, please let me know!
Pss. I have NO idea what happened to my new blogger interface?! I have the old picture uploader now which sucks :( anyone know how to change it back?

Thanks lovelies!

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