model citizens

{wearing: top-winners, skirt-model citizen, wedges-suzy shier, earrings-F21}

Today was a wonderful day :)
The sun was out, the snow is melting, and it flew by.

Had a great lunch with my co-worker & friend, Jenn, then we went to Model Citizens for a quick look around. This skirt is from there, I don't wear it enough.
I met the owner, Chelsea, who is the sweetest lady :)
She also owns 'Our Humble Abode' where we went as well..(an adorable home items shop)
They have the best individual & vintage items!

After work I went to go get Liz and Levi. We had pizza until my Mary Kay consultant came over and pampered us a little.. minus Levi!

Gonna go watch a movie with them now, it's nice to have such good friends.

Tomorrow I have an 'on my heart' post ready to go, so please feel free to come back and continue to know me a bit better.

Much love, xo.


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