dear john,

This has, and always will be one of my favorite quotes.
I can't tell enough just how true it is.
You are perfect for me.

This year marked our 4 year anniversary together, our daughters 3rd year in our lives, our sons 2nd, and less than 1 year until our wedding day.
Coincidence? or God?
Sure, we may have done things completely different and backwards than most people, but its' just another thing that makes our story special.

The years I've spent with you have been crazy.
Times have been in the clouds, and they have been down in the dumps.
We've faught, and cried.
Laughed, and loved.

They have been the most wonderful years of my life.

You are the best man in my life, and always will be.
You are an amazing father and an even better (to-be) husband.
But most of all, you've been my best friend.

You've been there when I was at my worst.
The insecurities, the self-doubt, and lack of self-love.
The heartaches and headaches.
You've been there when I was at my best.
The most memorable moments; our children's birth, our engagement, the trips, family times and just being together.
I could go on forever telling our life story, but I'm not quite ready to put that online just today.

I can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together and see what God has planned for us.
You're my rock, my soul, my life.
I love you more than you know.

I'm sorry I don't tell you as often as I should, or get the chance to spend as much time with you as I'd like.
But know that when I take a second each day to think of us as one, it's more emotion than I can handle.

I love you beyond words.
We're together for a reason, and I thank God for you, everyday.

Our 2nd picture together, the first was no good haha :)

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