awkward & awesome thursday


- The hub took off with the Mac last night to a friends, so yet again this is actually a&a Friday...
- How nervous I was during the meeting with the Dean at the Pharmacy School.
- Still have a lingering flu...going on 4 weeks now.
- Deadlines are creeping up crazy fast.
- I have yet to make lootbags, choose outfits, buy plates & the whole shebang as well as food & drinks for my kiddies party tomorrow. Basically the whole party left to do
I need to get my wedding invitations out ASAP but have very little drive to finish them lately with so much schoolwork and work..?
the more I stare at a word the worse the spelling of it looks, even when it's right.
I haven't posted since Monday and no outfits since Sunday!? PROMISE to change that this week :)


- The 4 pictures above:
1) Grande mocha while browsing my favorite site and working on papers for my favorite class- Film
2) Late night view from many good chats on Signal Hill with my best friend, Levi
3) A pair of sweet, comfy new kicks
4) Abigail's drawing of the family. I think she got me spot on as the first one there ;)
- Having a girl's day with my another amazing friend, Liz. Bagel Cafe lunch, shopping, wedding dress fitting and then more shopping!
- Having my dress in and waiting for me to pay and get it altered. So crazy!
- Choosing my wedding bands, finally!
- Being on midterm break this week and having one class today, and it's already the weekend. Not that I relaxed per say, but I got to catch up with friends, and with my school work. Housework? Not so much...
- Having 2 birthday parties this weekend! My two tomorrow, then their best friends on Sunday.

Most awesome of all...

The AMAZING new readers I have! 44?! That's insane! I'm beyond blessed and grateful to you guys. I'm honored that you like what I write enough to follow. I LOVE reading all your blogs as well, and I know I totally space when it comes to commenting back, but I'll do my best to keep on top of it all.


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