awkward & awesome thursday


- how I wrote most of this post on wednesday, forgot to upload thursday, and now it's friday. Awkward & Awesome ..err, Friday?
- having so many papers due this week, plus midterms and work.
- forgetting something every single time I set foot out the front door
- every outfit I seem to be wearing this week
- when you forget to wash the conditioner out of your hair, then you dry it and it looks twice as dirty. Grumble grumble..
- having clean laundry in baskets in the basement for a week while dirty laundry piles up on the bathroom floor
- this flu that seems to be lingering going on 2 weeks now
- my favorite prof using big words to sound eloquent and I have no clue what he's saying.


- having pancakes with my kiddies for supper
- getting bridesmaid dresses finalized and ordered with my girls
- buying a new awesome pastel sheer blouse
- God totally being on my side with all the little things this week. You don't know how much easier the day goes if all the little things seem to work out right :)
- a situation not turning out as bad as I thought it would
- the amazing support I've received since moving the blog
- having my best friends around me all week <3
- the bib necklace I forgot I had
- 'Why is the world so smelly' written on the blackboard by an anon. classmate

And that was only the last few days, and the main points. Oi!
Be back tomorrow with Pinterest Inspiration again to get my awkward outfits out the door and back in gear to awesome :)


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