tights trouble

{Outfit Details}
Top - Sirens 
Skirt - Forever 21
Boots - Aldo
Studs - Forever 21
Necklace - Gift from Courtney :)


First day back at work was today!I've really missed it there; the people, the work and the atmosphere.
I'm lucky to have that placement :)
Plus I get to wear nice clothes, and dress up a little more.What girl doesn't love to play dress up?

Except...there is one thing about 'dressing up' that bothers me. Tights.
Specifically pantyhose. 
I scratch my leg, they rip. I put them on, they rip. I look at them, they rip.
I have yet to find a good pair that will not run or tear. 
Any suggestions?

More good news! 
My mama is coming home for a week on the 31st. I haven't seen her since September 23rd.
The longest we've ever gone without seeing each other.
I know we will go shopping & have lots of much needed girltime!
Sorry for such a short post today, but my dear friend Levi is over and we're about to stuff our faces and watch more Community and maybe a movie :)

Lots of love to everyone & see you tomorrow.


  1. Brittany Quilty1/10/2012

    I personally like the ones they sell at Old Navy! I've had my three pairs for almost a year now! The only part that has ever ripped a bit was the "crotch" area hahaha. If you're willing to pay the money, SPANX has a good pair of tights too, they sell them at Samuel & Co., C'est Moi, & ENVY. But for $50.00, I personally don't think it's justifiable.

  2. Beautiful outfit Kel, as always. :D

  3. Faith S1/10/2012

    I've actually been pretty happy with my cheap-o ones from Target!  As long as I treat 'em right (i.e. wash them by hand) they hold up well.


  4. Lizzie1/10/2012

    I have had wonderful results with plain ol' Target tights as well! HUE is a great brand and hold up super well too :) 


  5. I'm loving your boots! The pattern is great too, so romantic and feminine.

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