pop of color on snow

{Outfit Details}
Blazer - Thrifted 
Tee & Jeans - Forever 21
Boots - Walmart
Earrings  - Gift
Necklace - Ardene

I don't mind the snow when it's big, fluffy and crunchy under your feet.
I wanted to put a pop of color in the white day.
It was great until I had to walk to my car after classes..

The cursed rain started and of course caused a sea of slush. 
These suede boots..well, let's say my legs had a workout trying to walk with 3 pounds of water in your shoes.
What was I thinking this morning?
Oh well, I looked nice all day ;)

Going to a folk show in a few hours with Liz!
Excited to see some people I know play. I'll be sporting this outfit but swap out for a skirt
and my brown boots with leggings

Hope everyone had a good Friday! :) 
much love,


  1. Great look! Love pink on you

  2. Really really love this outfit. Awesome. 

    Message me later about how the show went! Part of me wishes i was there to show you all the people who make me wanna vomit when i see them! Bet ya looked stunninnn.

  3. After reading your blog, I'm pretty sure I need a pink blazer in my life! So pretty.