birthday celebrations

These two scallywags celebrated their birthdays today.
Benjamin turned 2 and Abigail turns 3 tomorrow.
It is beyond crazy how time flies!

We went to a restaurant called 'Jungle Jims' for some eats and to have family time to celebrate..
even if Ben doesn't realize it's his day :)

It's tradition at most of the restaurants here to have the floor staff come out with free desert and candles or a sparkler while they sing and clap an embarassing birthday song in front of the whole store.
Abigail felt like a little celebrity and Ben...well he just liked the ice cream :)

This is hubs by the way :)
He was happy to spend time with us tonight as he's going out of town for work the next few days and will miss her actual birthday. But she's going to have cake in daycare with her friends at snack time.

Benjamin starts tomorrow full time!
Hope he's okay :)

Oh, and Tuesday nights for kids you pay a 'Cent a Centimeter'.
They're actually taller but wouldn't stay still for the waitress so she guessed.
That made 2 meals for 1.70$ :)


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