pastel love

loving a lot...

{Buy: Jacket, Skirt, Sweater, Nude Pumps, Clutch, Blue Pumps, Polish, Studs, Necklace, Bracelet, Belt}

I know spring is a long time away, but something about pastels bring it a little closer. Plus, who says you have to put away all the best colors when winter comes?
I am dying over that sweater and skirt. I think pastels are another way to be chic and feminine but not overpowering with color. Mix and match and you can never go wrong!

twice is nice

{Outfit Details} 
Shirt - Walmart
Tee & Skirt - Urban Planet
Thigh Highs - American Apparel
Boots - The Frye Company (from giveaway)
Belt, Necklace & Earrings - Forever 21
Coat - Gap

Sooo I totally wore this outfit on Friday to school, except with my brown Aldo boots and black socks.
I can't get over how amazing these socks are! I've had my mind on them for some time, but 99% of the time it's a miss for me.
Remember how I said my legs were like tree trunks? Well, they don't make socks for trees.
Thank the heavens that these babies are warm, stretchy, high, and they fit like a charm with plenty of room to spare. I really want to go back and get a million more..but then I would probably have to quit school.. American Apparel and I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to the amazing pieces but the pricing as well.

I hate wasting what I consider a good outfit (I did have a lady at a bake sale say "I like your outfit".. maybe she was being nice because I was buying a cupcake..grr those cupcakes at 11am.)

As well, sorry for the late posts! John was out of town and took my camera, plus it was snowing a lot again so you wouldn't see anything but white if I even attempted pictures.

Love list coming up tomorrow!
See you all lovelies then, and hope y'all had a good weekend :)

daytime glam

{Outfit Details}
Blazer & Tank
- Urban Planet
Skirt & Long Sleeve - Forever 21
Booties - Payless

This was the outfit I wore Tuesday to work, and then out to supper for the kiddies birthdays, only with jeans on.
I love the glam look for work, without looking trashy or like I'm going to a club. Plus when I paired it with jeans (sorry, forgot to take a pic) it was a bit of casual mixed with sparkle.

You'll be seeing a few more 'dressy', if you can call it that, outfits as I'm now working Thursday with pharmacy too! So working there for tuition money, as well as getting work experience and getting paid for that.
How many times have I told you I love that place now?
And the people, twice as nice.

A final heads up, next friday will be my last post under 'unremittingly kel'. I've decided that over next weekend I'm going to migrate everything, and then publish the big 'welcome/ why I'm doing what I'm doing/ please still love me post' the following Monday under the new blog name, layout, the whole she-bam!
I'm trying to make this as easy as possible for everyone to find me, and as well carry on following here, fb and twitter.
If you follow on any of those I'll only be changing the name so if you say 'who is this person and how am I already following?' its' probably me.

Okay, I'm off to eat a choco chip muff :) Mmmm.
My brain is too full of Fran├žais from half an essay I just wrote to type any more English.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day!

birthday celebrations

These two scallywags celebrated their birthdays today.
Benjamin turned 2 and Abigail turns 3 tomorrow.
It is beyond crazy how time flies!

We went to a restaurant called 'Jungle Jims' for some eats and to have family time to celebrate..
even if Ben doesn't realize it's his day :)

It's tradition at most of the restaurants here to have the floor staff come out with free desert and candles or a sparkler while they sing and clap an embarassing birthday song in front of the whole store.
Abigail felt like a little celebrity and Ben...well he just liked the ice cream :)

This is hubs by the way :)
He was happy to spend time with us tonight as he's going out of town for work the next few days and will miss her actual birthday. But she's going to have cake in daycare with her friends at snack time.

Benjamin starts tomorrow full time!
Hope he's okay :)

Oh, and Tuesday nights for kids you pay a 'Cent a Centimeter'.
They're actually taller but wouldn't stay still for the waitress so she guessed.
That made 2 meals for 1.70$ :)



{Outfit Details}
Coat - Soia & Kyo
Drape Top - Envy
Skirt - Thrifted 
Booties - Go Jane
Belt - Bluenotes
Earrings - Claire's

[Is this seriously my 150th post?
Did I honestly sit and write like this 150 times?!]

It was surprisingly not too cold this morning, which worked in my favor as not one,  not two, but three pairs of my best tights had holes in them. In the foot, in the knee, in the crotch.. I told you I was seriously hard on tights. 

This week I am majorly going to check out some of the places you guys suggested to buy good ones!

It took me a few outfits before I decided on this one, and by fluke it turned out to be a fav of mine!
I love the pop of leopard to what could have been another solid outfit although I made the outfit around the shoes. They are still standing strong and comfy!

Okay, a blog update.
I am all done with the look of the new blog. I've checked all the social sites and the names are available, and I made a new e-mail. I will be changing this domain name as to not lose the followers, and will make the old link (this one currently) re-direct for anyone who happens to click it on an old post on another blog. As well, I'll be doing the same for my twitter name, pinterest and facebook.
I think it'll be easier then trying to tell everyone to find me elsewhere under another name.
I've changed the look and name a million times in the last few months, but have decided fully and am very pleased with the results.
I'm working on my first post which I will make live the first week of february. That is my ultimate start goal.
I will explain the change, the name, the look and of course my journey over the last 6 months with this blog and how much I've grown and outgrown the person and ideas I had when I started.

I am confident when I say that I now know who I am as blogger, and what I want to blog about.
And let me give you a little tidbit: you're going to be seeing some heartfelt stories, rants, my life lessons thus far and whole lot more of 'me' and my life. 
I don't know why I ever tried to keep it private - I am and always will be the least private person I know.


{Outfit Details}
Cardigan - Gift
Dress - Urban Planet
Leggings, Tank and Belt - Forever 21
Leg Warmers & Earrings - Claire's
Boots - Aldo
Necklace & Bag- Gifts from Courtney

I was going to add a pop of pattern with a scarf to this outfit, but figured a necklace would be better while bending down wrangling up children at birthday parties today.
Yeah, parties. The kids had two birthdays to attend today.

I am exhausted, and my poor little man got sick before bed. Maybe combination of too much junk food and chlorine water from swimming.. sorry little guy :( 
Needless to say, everyone is going to be eating better tomorrow.

Oh, and this is the pile of snow and the end of my parking lot that was so graciously left by mother nature yesterday.

Another outfit, and an update on the new blog tomorrow :)

snow day

I had a great outfit picked out, and then we saw this same sight in our parking lot, so no dice for pictures.
The thing about Newfoundland is that when it snows, it snows. And as per usual the wind so lovingly follows making drifts the size of Texas all over the city and in 3 minutes my perfectly shoveled walkway is now blown back in.
I actually love to get out after a snow storm when it is calm and shovel but after the 3rd time I let the wind win.
I used to hate it but now it gives me a few extra minutes in the day to get out in the air by myself, work up a little sweat and clear my mind. I'm really meticulous when it comes to shoveling though; have to do a great job, or none at all. I hate this 'I'll shovel a small path half a foot wide' nonsense.

So that's why there's no outfit, and I really felt like posting.

Even though I'm a student, a snow day for me means one less lecture of important information I'll need for the exams, messed up syllabus', papers that were due that day I should re-revise over the weekend, and hopefully start proposals that are due the week after.
I remember when a snow day meant sleeping in, watching cartoons all day then going out and sliding down the biggest hill you could find.

Oh to be a kid again on a snow day. Hopefully when the kids are a bit older they won't have that 'too cool to be seen with your mom' phase and let me join them one snow day.
They are imminent in this city, 8 months of the year.

mad men

Always adoring . . .

Mad Men Style

{Buy: Coat, Shift Dress, Blazer, Skirt, Dress, Clutch, Nude Pumps, Red Pumps, Earrings, Necklace, Hat}

I love anything to do with Mad Men, the actors/actresses, plot, era, clothes...everything.
Anytime I go to work I feel like I should be dressing like Betty Draper.
With the new season fast approaching, and my waiting for over a year for it, don't be surprised if I start dressing like this everyday...

jellybeans and chains

{Outfit Details}
Coat - Gap (Gift)
Plaid Shirt - Walmart
Lace Tank - (Gift)
Skirt - Forever 21
Shoes - Payless
Belt - Urban Planet
Earrings - (Gift)
Purse - (Gift from Court)
Bracelets - F21, Sirens & Gifts

I love Sundays for a number of reasons, one being able to get out during errand time in the day
to take nicer photos in nice locations.
I get so tired of the same places, and being around the house for photos makes me a little
(okay, a lot) crooked sometimes.
Hubby also likes Sunday locations because he's the one always snapping photos. Today was no exception.

Except he got a little too excited about the scenery and the boat coming in the Narrows when we were taking pictures."Make it look like you're looking at the boat!!" he yelled. Hence photo 3.
Which I must say, did turn out nice despite the overcast and my freezing my buns off.

Hub also likes scenery in all my photos, says it makes the outfit. (I agree that it helps the photos be more interesting and the blog a bit more colorful, but a bad outfit is a bad outfit. Vice versa for good ones.)

So for him, and all of you who aren't familiar with Newfoundland, here's a few scenic photos (via google)...


See that colorful bunch of houses on the hill in the photos?

That is just a little sample of the color my city has. Every house in the greater downtown area is a different color, shape and size.
We traded in skyscrapers for rainbows.
There's a road specifically named for the colored houses called "Jellybean Row".  Photo below.
Some people also call this the city of 10,000 colors.

And didja see the rock with the red and white cone in the distance in pictures 1 & 5?
Well that rock is called Chain Rock. Here's a better photo and a little history.

During WW 2 a large chain was attached to that rock and and anti-submarine booms were attached across the entrance to the harbour connecting to Fort Amherst in order to prevent the entry of German U-boats. Chain Rock is one of two rocks located on opposite sides of the Narrows;
Chain Rock on the battery side and Pancake Rock on the opposite.

The space between the two rocks is 174 meters. Chain Rock and Pancake Rock were used as early as 1770.

"The city of 10,000 colors"

pop of color on snow

{Outfit Details}
Blazer - Thrifted 
Tee & Jeans - Forever 21
Boots - Walmart
Earrings  - Gift
Necklace - Ardene

I don't mind the snow when it's big, fluffy and crunchy under your feet.
I wanted to put a pop of color in the white day.
It was great until I had to walk to my car after classes..

The cursed rain started and of course caused a sea of slush. 
These suede boots..well, let's say my legs had a workout trying to walk with 3 pounds of water in your shoes.
What was I thinking this morning?
Oh well, I looked nice all day ;)

Going to a folk show in a few hours with Liz!
Excited to see some people I know play. I'll be sporting this outfit but swap out for a skirt
and my brown boots with leggings

Hope everyone had a good Friday! :) 
much love,

inspiration - pinterest

{all images via pinterest}

Whenever I need major inspiration I go to three sources: Kendi, Pinterest and other lovely lady bloggers.This weeks inspiration comes from pinterest. 
I should really do these more, they get the creative juices flowing!
And since down here, you can have dry weather one day and then 30 cm of snow overnight, the weather totally dampens everything clothes and hair related. Yucky.

My new blog design is coming along great, and now I'm thinking of more put-together outfits and ones that I love rather than slapping something on and hating it all day.
That is the WORST feeling!

I'm sure many of you get your inspiration from pinning too, so if you would, leave your username and I'm sure to follow and steal some ideas ;)

tights trouble

{Outfit Details}
Top - Sirens 
Skirt - Forever 21
Boots - Aldo
Studs - Forever 21
Necklace - Gift from Courtney :)


First day back at work was today!I've really missed it there; the people, the work and the atmosphere.
I'm lucky to have that placement :)
Plus I get to wear nice clothes, and dress up a little more.What girl doesn't love to play dress up?

Except...there is one thing about 'dressing up' that bothers me. Tights.
Specifically pantyhose. 
I scratch my leg, they rip. I put them on, they rip. I look at them, they rip.
I have yet to find a good pair that will not run or tear. 
Any suggestions?

More good news! 
My mama is coming home for a week on the 31st. I haven't seen her since September 23rd.
The longest we've ever gone without seeing each other.
I know we will go shopping & have lots of much needed girltime!
Sorry for such a short post today, but my dear friend Levi is over and we're about to stuff our faces and watch more Community and maybe a movie :)

Lots of love to everyone & see you tomorrow.