Hey guys! 

I've been on a semi-hiatus lately. After the wedding, and some unmentionable changes in my life, I've been enjoying the weather with my friends and family. This has been the best summer we've seen in decades. The humidex and UV levels have been off the charts! 

Here are a few iPhone snaps the hub took when we were out for a Sunday drive with the kiddies. The next nice day, I'll get a real outfit photo-op in! I've been dressing quite well lately and have been eager to share.

Much love, :)

{FOREVER 21 cardi, sunnies & belt, URBAN PLANET dress, SPRING wedges}

ps: I had spandex shorts on underneath if you're wondering. Being tall + dresses = tops, pretty much. 


I'm obsessed I tell you. #obsessed.

With both Pinterest, and colored pants. But ya'll new that!

Colored pants are the only way to go any day. I have so many pairs, but never know how to style the top without being overbearing.. but I say anything goes nowadays! 
When your legs look like crayons, the top is only to make sure you dont look like a full crayon..or are naked.
(No one liked a half shaved crayon as a kid did they?)

Pinterest is telling me however, that a similar shade lighter, or a white is the way to go, with one more accent color.

I'm feeling color crazy lately so stay tuned for some colored pants! (besides the red and blue.. i always g0 with the red and blue)

playing with pastels

{BLAZER vintage, TOP costco, LEGGINGS forever 21, BOOTS aldo,
BAG bentley, SCARF ardene, EARRINGS gifted by mama}

As you can tell by the last 47375 pictures (okay, exaggerating) it's been windy here! But it has been the best summer we've seen in a long while, so I am NOT going to complain.
This just explains my hair all summer long.

Courtney gave me this blazer, and I fell in love. Thanks Court! (What are best friends for eh?)
I switched out the buttons for a contrasting black and took it in on the sides. I immediately thought of this scarf and shirt, to play up a pastel tone.

This outfit reminds me of fall.
This does not mean I'm ready for you.. I just like your outfits.

maxi love

 bonus: all of this is totally affordable!

Lately I've been loving the maxi trend! Something about maxi dresses in the summer make everything feel so relaxed and carefree. Add a breezy top to a maxi skirt with sandals for cute & comfy or go whole length and belt for a boho feel.

The best part? They can easily double as a fancy piece!
With only a few accessories - a good pair of pumps and a clutch, you have a sweet date outfit on either side.

I have a maxi dress that when I can't decide, I throw it on an am done!
Two I believe are too short because of my height... sigh.

Then again .. hi-low DIY anyone? :)


{Urban Planet blouse, Forever 21 skirt, Nine West shoes}

Everytime I wear this blouse, I pair it with black then think I look like a bumblebee. 
To counter that I add some print and color. These amazing shoes, gifted to me from mama, do that perfectly. With the color, I figured nothing else was needed. A bold but minimal look.
And with the good weather we've been having lately, it's almost too hot to put on any jewelery.. a mom with sweaty arms from too many arm parties trying to chase down 2 kids in the park is never a pretty sight.

Also, these pictures were taken 3 weeks ago.
Sheesh, I'm behind on the times.


{Old Navy blouse, Forever 21 shorts, sunnies & cuff, Suzy Shier wedges, Ardene belt, DIY necklace}


Talk about long time no see. As you can tell, I'm wearing the same shirt as my last outfit post, so not much has changed. Oh yeah, except I'm married now.

I can't wait for my photographer to hand me the photos. It'll be hard to no put hundreds of them here.
Married life is the same as our life before, just a little 'upgrade' as hub & I call it.
Plus we have fancy rings. Nothing wrong with fancy rings! 

I hope everyone has been well. I've been distracted for the last 2 months with pre, during and post wedding stuff. I think life is starting to slow and I can focus my energy into my blog more.
I've truly missed it.

DIYing is something I've been doing lately too. Except my version is more like DIYM.. Do It Yourself Mediocrely.. (yes that's a word now) which consists of my sewing the hems on all my cuff shorts so they aren't all uneven and make it look like I can't iron (which would secretly be the truth). Also, this necklace was once an earring and another necklace. I put the two together, and voila! I also broke in these shoes with the help of pinterest.

Mediocrity at it's best.

Can't wait to post again tomorrow & play catch up on all your blogs :)

Undergoing a face lift

Its that time again.. I'm gone html crazy!
This blog is addicted to botox I tell ya.
Bare with me as I make some adjustments, it may look out of whack for a little while :)

so close, yet so far.

How has it been 3 weeks since the last post?
Oh yeah, you'll see below. :)
I keep looking at inspiring photos and color patterns thinking " its not too late to do that" totally oblivious that my wedding is planned and I am only awaiting the day. . . and paying the venue..and the photographer..and decorator.
Okay, maybe I'm not quite done.
But it's super soon, and I'm actually getting nervous!

These photos have been my go-to images that I've printed off a thousand times for people to see and get the idea for the right icing, fabric, drape, dress colors.
I swear I'm not crazy.

I cannot wait to show you all my wedding photos, I think that part of the photos I'm looking forward to the most.


ALL IMAGES VIA GOOGLE unless otherwise watermarked.


boats & birds

[Urban Planet wedges & jeans; Old Navy blouse; F21 cardi & sunnies;
Bentley bag; Vintage earrrings; Sirens bangles]

Wind anyone?

How is everyone! The days are getting nicer, thus nicer outfits and photos. Huzzah! 
 My sweet grandma took the kids for the afternoon while John and I got our Sunday ritual, Costco & Sobeys, out of the way before going back to her house for dinner.
We finished up pretty early so we had a chance to take these pics.

Despite the wind blowing my hair like crazy, it was a beautiful place to take pics and show off not only the outfit, but the water and the boats in the harbour! As cold and windy as it is, I do love this place.

This outfit inspiration, as always is from Kendi. She keeps getting better each day.


graduation day

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. You are the guy who'll decide where to go.”- Dr. Seuss

Yesterday my little brother graduated from high school.

The little brother who I used to be jealous of and pick on as my new younger sibling.
The little brother who helped me get babysitting jobs from all his friends' parents.
The little bro who taught me all the tricks for Pokemon games on his turquoise Gameboy color.
The little bro who took mostly took my side in the trio of sibling fights.
The little bro who would always die laughing with me at games, tv, movies and other inside jokes.

The bro who I thought would is eons away from a girlfriend.
From high school.
From graduation.

He now has all that under his belt.

He asks me for advice on life things, and I'm baffled that he's old enough to know these things, and be in these situations, and is asking me about it.
We get along more each day, and that makes me really glad.
No matter what milestones in life he hits, he'll always be the middle brother & my little bro.
I love ya, Jake.

I've never been more proud to be your big sis.

(The youngest brother, Nathan, Myself and Jake.)

And as per request, what I wore :)

 *ENVY dress, BB DAKOTA blazer, LE CHATEAU clutch,
RIVER ISLAND belt & PAYLESS nude pumps (not shown)


gaining ground

{wear: BB DAKOTA blazer, WALMART cardi, F21 jeans/tank/flower/aviators,
URBAN PLANET wedges, ARDENE earrings/belt, BENTLEY bag}

 You guys see that!
And by that I mean sunglasses & blue skies!

Yesterday was another great day. We've been lucking out on nice weather for the past little while, which I strange. Over this way we usually get snow until May! ..not that I want to jinx it now or anything!

Apart from my moods which seem to be on the 'final exam week' fritz, I've been putting together outfits that I love. Its so nice to step out of the house and feel good.
I looked back at my first posts, and jeezee.
In only a few shorts months I feel like I've come so far and gained such ground in who I am, and how I want to present myself in both online world, and the fashion world.

I hate the word 'fashion' though..sounds to 'elitist.
I like style.

I look at this outfit, and can't believe I'm wearing it-and with confidence!
I've also been weaing bandeaus and sheer tops a lot.
Rebel I tell you.

It was a busy, but good 2 days.
Hoping to have a work outfit tomorrow to show!

ps. thank you for all the lovely comments on the 'on my heart' post.
You guys rock.