From Church...

To Errands!

{Outfit Details}
Coat, Tops & Stud Earrings - Forever 21
Blazer - Thrifted
Skirt - Envy; Marquis
Boots - Aldo
Shoes & Socks- Payless
Scarf & Necklace - Ardene

Hey guys!
A transition for you today :) From church to errands!
Night I wore the traditional choir 'white top, black bottoms' get-up for our Cantata.
Although I thoroughly enjoyed being in the choir, and around some amazing people, it is finally good to say that I am done.
Free until the 9th!

My good friend gave me my own Netflix account for an early Christmas gift (I was mooching off his for awhile...I know, sad I mooch an 8$ service..)
So the couch pretty much has me booked until the next semester starts.
Just kidding.

I plan on blogging more, putting more thought into my outfits, and of course get a move on with those recipes! I now have the free time to cook and get creative so no excuse.

Plus I am so far behind on everyone's posts!
Tomorrow night is going to be a total catch up night...oh yeah, after the gym (that I have managed to not go to for 3 weeks...oops)


  1. Beautiful, as always Kel :)

  2.     was this you hair inspiration?

  3. nice white coat btw! 

  4. it looks very similar!
    But no, the "sock bun" image i found on pinterest is where this hairstyle came from

  5. Frillsthrills12/13/2011

    I so love those shoes with that skirt! You are so beautiful! Also, thanks for commenting on my love story. It always warms my heart to hear stories from people that go through the same things in life as me but are a little further down the road : ) 

  6. You are going to love netflix, it is so convenient!  I love this red skirt and you did a fantastic job transitioning it.

  7. i absolutely love this skirt.

    actually just really love the transition. works so well!

  8. Oh I am already!
    Thanks so much Bessie!

  9. Oh thanks so much Sarah. I hope I have the courage one day to tell our story!
    Maybe that post will come following the wedding..

  10. :) Aw, thanks Meg! I nearly bought it in Navy too. Might have to go back and get it!