[Man do I love Starbucks. Even in the freezing rain and cold I get my 'grande java chip frappuccino']

This is what I wore (gotta be a 'hip mother') to my little girl's first ever recital. Well, it was a daycare Christmas concert but she got up there and sang her little heart out and didn't cry one bit.
That's my girl. Gonna be a little singer like her mama :)

I was so proud, she was a superstar up there. Even moreso than usual. She looked super sweet in her Christmas dress and her 'piggy tails ' and she calls them. Next year my boy will be in it as well. Tear overload expected.
It's a different feeling for me being on the other side; I always watched my mom smile and be happy for me never fully knowing why she was so proud.
Now I totally get the feeling.

I'm one of those people who now admits that their mama was right about (most) things, and honestly I'm glad I never knew before because new feelings are the best feelings.

Hope everyone has a great weekend
thanks for reading!


  1. I'm slightly jealous of your sock-bun since I super chopped my hair recently. But then I remember how long it takes to do my hair when it's long and the jealousy goes away lol. Love the pink jacket with the olive green, great combination! Yay for your little girl's recital, glad to hear it went well!

  2. Aaaaaw! Gorgeous outfit aaand story :)