musings of a late-night blogger

I was trying to think of a post for tonight, as I didn't get any outfit pictures taken today and I have no spares.

Frantic cause I didn't want to be 2 days without a post, I tried to make some kind of list, something anything to post.
As per usual I went to the internet for inspiration and stumbled on an old post from a fantastic mommy blogger, Absolutely Bananas. (If you've never heard of her, I encourage you to stop on by and read a few posts, she makes light of everyday things with her hilarity. And being a mother I totally relate to most 'mother posts')

She wrote a mini-series of tips and tricks for new bloggers getting started, and this totally hit home for me tonight...

Every post is the most important post

Think of every post that you write as the first and most important post that a new reader will see.

Ask yourself,

  • Does this post reflect my best work?
  • Does this post represent what my blog is about?
  • Is this post likely to convince new readers to keep reading?
  • If the answer to any of these questions is no; rethink posting.

Let’s say that a major site links to your blog, driving massive amounts of traffic. Let’s also pretend that you don’t know this site is linking to you until the link has already been live for a full day. If you’ve followed my “every post is important” rule, you’re ok. Readers will come to your blog, immediately see a great representation of what you’re about, and subscribe. You will live happily ever after. If, on the other hand, your latest post is a meme that you threw together in five minutes, or an other less-than-stellar example of your work, you’ll be kicking yourself for a wasted opportunity.

That last paragraph happened to me when I won the Frye Boot contest, I thought "wow! Keiko linked my blog and she has thousands of readers, maybe I'll get a few new followers and gain some new 'blog friends'. But as that last part said.. that last post was shit and i've been kicking myself ever since.

Quality over quantity
So you’re probably thinking, “well gee thanks. How in the world am I supposed to come up with great content day in and day out?” Let me fill you in on a secret.

It’s better to publish less often with high-quality content than to publish daily with crap.

Seriously. Your readers will wait a day or two or even longer when they know your next post is likely to be really good. What they won’t do is put up with a barrage of garbage in their feed reader day after day after DAY.

Try it. Skip a day. Skip two days. Skip a whole week.

Crazy, right? Not really.

One of the benefits of taking some time off from blogging is that you’ll find your mind begins to overflow with really great ideas, until you CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE and you sit down to a veritable stream of bloggy goodness.

Your readers will thank you.

Wowza..pretty much summed everything up tonight. I've been doing a million things and hate to have excuses or reasons why my posts sucks and have been very sparce lately. I am terribly sorry to my readers, no only have I neglected the whole essence of why I started this blog, I am giving you guys less than okay posts which is totally unfair.
I am currently working on a personal project, that I think will truly be 'my baby' of hobbies and something I strive to do well in everyday.
Again, thank you for not giving up on me, and being my constant encouragements.

Man, am I ever ready for the New Year, and a new start. No quits this time.
Can I get an Amen to that?


  1. I loved this post!!! Totally agree with everything said!