is that hummus?

Is anyone else using the new uploader?
I adore some features, but man is it ever a pain the butt to type words over and around pictures when you don't know how to format the new way! 
Plus you can only pick sizing of the picture in S,M,L,XL ..HTML is not my forte to go fix them manually!

That is totally aside as today has been AMAZING
- got my Christmas shopping done.
- got my early Christmas money so I snagged some more awesome finds, plus COLORED JEANS!
- I got my FRYE BOOTS
and best for last...
My blogging idol, my fashion master and ultimate inspiration for everything.
She typed words. To me. In reply to my tweet to her.
I tell you, it's like I'm in fantasy land.
I can die happy now. 
(here's proof I kept..because I'm awesome like that)

{Since you're all wondering.. I love hummus. And few days ago Kendi posted this
"Shit Girls Say" video on her blog, and said she only saw it then.
The second episode came the day after and I tweeted her today giving the link and telling her to go watch it!]

 {Outfit Details}
Blazer - Stolen from Nan
Shirt - Costco
Jeans - Forever 21
Boots - The Frye Company (Giveaway)
Earrings - Avon

These babies are all mine. It took over a month for me to get a hold of the supplier, but man do good things come to those who wait!
They are the Dorado Riding, in Tapue. For those of you who chose that style, good eyes!
They fit like a glove.
They smell, feel and look amazing. 
I tweeted how they are like boot art. 
No pictures could ever do them justice. I am gonna wear them until I'm in the grave!

Thank you SO MUCH Keiko Lynn & The Frye Company for hosting the giveaway, and of course to you Kends, for tweeting me.
I hope everyone had a good of a day as I did, they need to happen more often!

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  1. Suuuuuuch amazing boots! <3