get togethers

{Outfit Details}
Top - Old Navy
Jeans - American Eagle
Shoes - Payless
Belt - Levi's
Ring - Forever 21
Earrings - Ardene
Bag - Gift from Courtney for Christmas :)

Just some quick snaps of the outfit I wore to yet another get together with a friend home for the holidays, then a coffee and chat with another.
I've always wished I was the one coming home, but it's just as nice to be the one welcoming and the one that friends look forward to seeing too.
This is the year that I've seen my friends over the holidays the most and it's amazing.

Until I was about 16, I thought having a million friends was better than having 20 close ones.
Man was I ever wrong. 
The friends I have now are beyond anything I could have imagined I would ever have. 
Guys, you are all so wonderful and I love you all to pieces! 

For New Years I was going to, yet again, go to a friends but decided to stay home and hopefully the hub will have a mini celebration with me.. which equals cheap champagne, chips and tv. 
But hey, it's all about being together, and I cherish it more than I ever did.

(Coming next is my list of New Years resolutions, an announcement and a look back on the last 5 months of blogging.)


  1. Those are some SLAMMIN' pants, Girl. Amazing! And we love you back!

  2. SHIT. If you wear this around me i'm going to kill you because you look AMAZING. of course i am biased because of the leopard! but man, love this!