get ready, set, go!

{Outfit Details}
Coat - Le Chateau
Top - Winners
Jeans - Urban Planet
Flats & Leopard Scarf - Ardene
Belt - Levi's
Black Scarf, Studs & Ring - Forever 21

Forgot what I looked like? Well here I am :)
This morning I had a 9am choir practice because our Cantata is next weekend.

Luckily, Sarah from Frills for Thrills posted an awesome get ready, set, go! post yesterday giving tips on how to get ready super quick.
Totally tested it today, and I have to say, it worked!

Here are her tips;

1. If your hair is messy, pull it back. There are so many fun braid and bun trends that really aren't complicated, and they make even a sloppy look polished.
2. Wear Something patterned. For visual interest.
3. Wear Something bright. For visual interest.
4. Wear an oversized something. You're not gonna want to put on stiff jeans and a blouse if you've just waken up, so go with a baggy top and leggings or baggy jeans and a fitted top.
5. Light make up.

My version?
Bun, Leopard, oversized Coral shirt and light makeup.
Oh yeah, and a killer tune to jam to while getting ready.

Tell me guys, how do you get ready in a hurry?


  1. Frillsthrills12/04/2011

    Thanks so much for posting about me! I absolutely love your take (actually, WAY better than mine)!

  2. I am constantly getting ready in a hurry and am SO bad at it. I start panicking and make a huge mess in my closet. I like these tips and tricks :) Esp. the music!