candy cane marshmallow pops

Today's post brought to you by my sweet tooth of candy cane and chocolatey goodness.
Oh so simple, great for the whole family, last minute party treats or to eat all by yourself :)

Today I made these bad boys:


I figured, it was easy, and a hit with the kiddos, so thats a home run for me!
I had intended on using the mini candy canes for handles, but if you know my kids.. that's a bad idea. So below is my own version!

Enjoy :)

You will need :
112g Chocolate *I used baking, but feel free to use chips or anything else you like*
24 Large Marshmallows
Parchment Paper (or Wax/Freezer)
2 tbs Butter or Margarine (optional)
1/4 cup White Sugar (optional)
4 large Candy Canes
Popsicle Sticks (or Cake Pop Sticks/Mini Candy Canes)

Start by inserting the sticks, or anything else you might be using into the large marshmallows.
* If using popsicle sticks, I found dipping the tips of them in hot water (hence the mug) helped to ease them in without squishing the marshmallows*

Once that's done, get a double-boiler to melt the chocolate. If you don't have pots compatible to double-boil, use my method below, or the microwave.

Once melted, I like to add sugar then the butter to make it softer, and more creamy.
Again, this depends on the type of chocolate you use.
*If you use chocolate chips, omit this step as they are sweet enough.*
Mix it up until smooth then remove from heat.

Gather the children to help crush the candy canes.
If they are sleeping or you do not have any, borrow some.
If that's not an option put them in a ziplock bag to crush with a meat tenderizer or a rolling pin.
I used my magic bullet, and made the pieces smaller for my kids.

Put the pieces on a flat surface, I also put them on tin foil for easy clean up.

I turned off the heat for a few so the chocolate wouldn't melt the marshmallows.
Once to desired heat, dip the half the marshmallow in the chocolate.
Tap off any excess, as the candy pieces will fall off.

Roll em', roll em', in the candy!

Place the finished ones on the parchment or wax paper to set.
*I placed them in the freezer for 10 minutes to help it along.*

Find a taste tester, and enjoy :)


  1. Juanitahurley1112/20/2011

    You are the bomb...the kiddies must have loved those things. I want one too! =)

  2. Stephanie Hickey12/20/2011

    That pot idea is genius! I'll be using that from now on. These also look delicious!

  3. share plz! haha looks good!