busy busy busy

Hey guys, are you still there? I know, I know, I'm such a fibber.
I'm SO not back on the bandwagon with posting like I thought I would be this week.

You see, it was the final week of the semester, which means profs give you double the work you had all semester to finish and hand in by the last day. Between papers, studying for finals next week, extra choir rehearsals because our cantata is next weekend, getting the stomach flu after the kids (I thought I avoided it- think again), and the last few shifts of work before Christmas, I've been pretty much run ragged.

+ Plus I went to my first wedding dress consultation and totally nailed it.
It was like something from a movie, love at first sight in the shop window, the wonderful sales lady went and took it out of there so I could try it on.. lo and behold it was FABULOUS.
And in my price range! It was a total 'hallelujah' song moment.
[There will be a post of the dresses I didn't choose soon, hopefully!]

However, life will slowly start to calm down until next semester starts, then repeat.
I REALLY appreciate you guys understanding my random posts, and lack thereof.
I have just over a month before Uni starts again so I will be getting on the go with outfits, my cantata post, a Christmas and New Years post along with my favorite holiday recipes!

Pinky swear guys.
That means business.


  1. Really excited for the recipes! ahah obv.

  2. post some low cal/semi healthy recipes too...for those of us who want to look smokin' at your wedding!

  3. Oh no! you got the kids' flu? D: That sucks! Well, you're one of the strongest women I know. You'll pull through :). And I agree with the previous comments! The recipes will be cool to see! :D