another instagram haul :)

While Christmas shopping with my little guy today, I spotted some great deals that I simply couldn't pass up.
And don't tell me you've never brought home a little something for yourself on your shopping endeavors..
But of course, I always stick to my clearance racks and somehow got extra lucky today!

Been DYING to find a nice sheer leopard top, Old Navy, you never fail :) 26$!

A Silk Blazer from Gap; Regular 108$ but I snagged it clearance for 19$!

Old Navy - Wool Trouser 13$ & Wool Neon Orange Infinity Scarf 12$

Old Navy -Oversized Colorblock Sweater 8$

Gap Sheer Creme Houndstooth Shirt - 8$

Urban Planet Multicolored Neon Footless Tights - 7$ Each

I think I did pretty good today!
Got some things I've been wanting and some items I never thought I would ever wear before :)
I love seeing my personal style growth, thanks for being on this journey with me guys.

Anyone get any good deals on either Christmas gifts or for yourself?

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