stroke of luck

{Let me start off with a disclaimer: I am NOT doing this to try and brag that "I won and you didn't", because it's a bunch of crap when people get on like that. I'm just ecstatic and would love to have your input on my choice.}

Guys,me and my TERRIBLE luck, well..lucked out!
The forever amazing Keiko Lynn teamed up with the equally amazing The Frye Company to host a giveaway a few weeks back...
I went to send a document to a friend and happened to be logged into my blog email, and there was her name, in my inbox!
"Keiko Groves, Re: Frye Giveaway Winner!"
I screamed. I jumped. I lost my voice. I pretty much died. I never win anything!
Let alone win, PLUS have Keiko sit and write an e-mail personally, to little ol' me!
I am BEYOND grateful to them for hosting such a huge giveaway, and thank the blog angels above for helping me be chosen in the infamous random number draw.

I need your help.
I get to choose a boot (or shoe) of my choice. I choose boot, hands down.
I've narrowed it down to 20.
I know that's insane, but so is trying to decide on a pair!

If you haven't heard or checked out The Frye Company before, you're missing out.
They are top notch quality, using suede and leather to make the most amazing boots possible. I was seriously floored by the choices, and the styles.
It's boot art, seriously.

I've been wanting a pair of heeled black ones for the longest time and fell in love with the Harmony boot you'll see below, but since these boots will outlast me, I'm starting to lean towards a smaller heel or flat boot.
Plus, I think I'll get more wear out of them if they're lower.
And I have my cognac colored pair from Aldo, so I don't want the same color I'm 99% sure...

What do you think?
I'd LOVE your input, as you're all gonna be the ones that will see them here and that will I style the boots for.
Thanks guys! :D


  1. Juanitahurley1111/20/2011

    I love the wine riding boots...3rd one in and the ring boots 3rd one lucky gal!

  2. Ahhhhh, lucky!!! How amazing! Frye's are such a good boot annnnddd expensive!
    I vote for the Shirley Riding boot!

    congrats! :)


  3. jess guy11/20/2011

    jane strappy are amazing!

  4. madeleine_diamond11/20/2011

    Jane Strappy or Melissa Logo. So beautiful, congratulations :)

  5. Beth Loder11/20/2011

    Shirley Strappy hands down!

  6. im kinda dying for the harmony ones myself. all 3, really. thinkkkkkk im mostly into the first ones.

  7. When I saw your name posted in the Giveaway I almost died. I was SO happy for you, I started clapping like an awkward seal. CONGRATULATIONS!! :):)

    I can imagine how hard it is to pick just one pair - personally I love the Dorado riding boot! As well as the Deena Harness Tall - but regardless of what boot you pick I think you'll be able to style around it :)


  8. Francemurphy11/21/2011

    JULIA RIDING. Amazing colour, Wicked heel, Classic. Dress up or down. I wants them myself.

  9. Felicia11/21/2011

    Ah, congratulations!! I can't believe how hard it must be to choose, they're all sooo wonderful. But to try and help you a tiny bit with your choice, I would like to say the Dolorado Riding boots. They're my favourites and although I'm sad I didn't win them, I hope to at least see them making someones feet very happy :)

  10. Congrats Kelly!!! It's so awesome winning stuff! Haha....well, let's see now.  It depends on what you are looking for.  I mean, if you want a boot with a heal I would hands down go with the very first one.  It's hot and bad ass.  But if you don't want a heal I'd say go with the first brown pair on the 4th row down.  Those will go with just about anything!!!! Well, which ever you choose, enjoy them!! :))


  11. Frillsthrills11/21/2011

    Oh my gosh this is the best giveaway prize ever! Congrats! My vote is either the Black Taylor Over the Knee or the Taupe Dorado Inside zip. I've found though that taupe is a surprisingly tricky color to coordinate with (especially when it is a tall boot that dominates an outfit) so keep that in mind. 

  12. OMG congratulations!!! That is SO exciting! Now you can no longer say "I never win anything". Me on the other hand? I can continue to say it.

    This is seriously so amazing, I'm so excited for you! Hands down, I pick the Deena Harness Tall. THOSE are stunning.