sick day

{Outfit Details}
Shirt - Thrifted
Dress - Smart Set
Leggings - Forever 21
Boots - Aldo
Scarf, Hoops & Ring - Forever 21

It was weird not posting yesterday, and I'm only half doing it here now.
I had an amazing photoshoot yesterday, and it was my first time modeling (I'll write more on that when I get some proofs for a sneak peek!)
But around 4 o'clock the pain in my chest got substantially worse and I couldn't breathe in.
Totally felt like a heart attack, only it lasted a good 12 hours.
Went to bed early, even took my mom off guard when she called.

Thank God that this morning I was awoken to a sore throat and a feeling like I was just getting over the stomach flu.
Missed church this morning, and hub took an extra shift at work.

I pretty much slapped this outfit together and dragged myself to the library for 2 hours to work on a presentation with a friend.
We're presenting tomorrow.

Let's all hope I'm not a coughing/sneezing/high on Benelyn girl during my presentation.
I can barely speak proper English today, let alone French tomorrow.


  1. cute outfit! boots are still the bomb.
    you dont look like a sick girl!
    and we all cant wait to see the photos even though i saw 2 on FB earlier that you were tagged in and they were smokin!

  2. Modeling? That sounds awesome! How did you get into it? And that's really crappy about the flu! I've managed to mostly stay away from it, but I think a cold is finally catching up to me. Hope you're feeling better today and good luck on the presentation!

  3. Aw sorry to hear you've been sick! :( Hope you're feeling a little better this morning! You look cute regardless :)