Hey guys !

So all weekend long I've been kind of MIA - with good reason!
BOTH kids had the stomach flu (oi!) and I was the only one looking after them cause John took extra shifts at work.
Because of that I've been trying to 'avoid the unavoidable' of myself getting's been a day and nothing yet. Let's pray it stays that way!

Sunday we all mustered enough strength to go to the 'Annual Downtown Santa Claus Parade'.
It's no 'Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade', but I love it just the same.

It's a tradition that brings the people together to start the Christmas season on a positive note, and you get to see some friends you haven't in awhile!
That girl next to me there? That's Liz. I've mentioned her here before :)
I did see her a lot the past month, but she never attended before so myself, John, her and the kiddies all went.
We got halfway through and they both fell asleep so we decided to's always freezing on parade day!
At least we had a bit of fresh air and fun.
Here are a few snaps I took before we left.

Enjoy! :)

I'll be back with the regular scheduled programming tomorrow with the love list (because I realized after I had this typed that I didn't finish my love list polyvore set for today...oops..), then outfit on wednesday :)


  1. Such a great time, Kelly! The pics are great too! :D

  2. cute pics!
    love the doggies <3

    i think mom told me ive been to the parade when i was younger, but i do not remember ever attending! always watch on tv though. hah