{Outfit Details}
Coat - Soia & Kyo
Cardi - Forever 21 (Gift)
Lace Tank - (Gift)
Skirt - Envy
Boots - Urban Original
Earrings - Avon (Gift)
Necklace - Payless

Apparently, this coat and this cardigan were meant to be.
Paired them here awhile back!
And of course the boots and skirt combo that I can't seem to get rid of.

Wore this to work, and of course sported the huge bun a la sock..my co-workers seem to love it!
I love this necklace, but where the denim flowers are, they are hot glued or something and it itches me..might have to glue a felt pad on the back!
Good idea?

[OH OH I just remembered while typing, exactly a WEEK from today I am going for my first wedding dress consultation.
I swear it was yesterday we were counting down from 912 days.. its 7 months away...OI!]

If you follow me on Twitter you might be wondering where all the snow is in my outfit pics, because I posted a picture of what happened overnight...
3 feet of snow on my doorstep is what happened.
Dry to this (disgusting sight):

I swear I was supposed to be born in Texas..


  1. girlllll
    your hair looks perf, and i love the blue and white combo!
    also confused because WHERE IS THE SNOW IN THE PICTURES?!
    this is why i did not post last night... i got confused and went to bed!

  2. OMG p.s. can i just say how ridiculously awkward that shirt would be with the white shorts! maybe. probably.

  3. Hailey11811/28/2011

    Love your hair!! Your should post a how to style it like that!