modeling photoshoot sneak peek one!

I don't know why, but everyday I'm feeling different.
Saturday chest pain, yesterday cold sweats, today ultimate headaches.
I'm not dead so that's a good sign.
Plus I took enough pain killers to get through my presentation, which went well!

Another thing that went well was my photoshoot on Saturday!
I hacked through it despite the pain/hail/rain/wind that all came to be at once.
Newfoundland weather is totally bi-polar.

Since I'm total creeper (and strangely amazing at facial recognition) I noticed the first day that a girl named Ashlee Babb was in two of my classes. I asked her for notes one day, and vice versa. We added each other on Facebook, she saw my blog then asked me if I'd like to be a model for the Photography Society she's in at my university. I tried to play it cool but totally freaked out and said DUH!

A bunch of amazing girls, and one guy took their turns shooting head shots, then sometimes all at once like a paparazzi. I was secretly feeling like a million dollar movie star.
Best feeling EVER!

I don't have many pictures yet, as they are all still editing and whatnot so here's a sneak peek at the first outfit of three that day!

{Sheer shirt - Urban Planet; Dress - Smart Set}

Photos by Ashlee Babb (Decembrial Photography) & Krissy Lyver (Krissy Lyver Photograph)



  2. Juanitahurley1111/07/2011

    You are soooo beautiful Kelly...=) I am so proud of you!

  3. who did your make up! i love this shoot--your complexion is so clear! 

  4. Holy cow, the 4th and last photo are esp. gorgeous! You look so beautiful!


  5. Viva_luxury11/08/2011

    You should feel like a movie star, because you are absolutely beautiful and extremely photogenic, I might add! I love the head on face shot, your blue eyes are absolutely piercing! Great blog, I am now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  6. I absolutely love that first photo! You look so beautiful in all of these :) I didn't know there was a Photography Society! Totally need more info on that if you have it! I'd love to be on either end of this type of thing haha. These shots are so great!

  7. Kel, I hope you are OK. I am worried about the chest pains...and the amount of medication that you are taking?  Take care of yourself.  The photos are amazing and this is our sneak peek???  I cannot wait for the final post!

  8. sandrella-blog11/09/2011

    i love this pictures! beautiful! :))