mini haul with instagram

{Outfit Details}
Blazer - Thrifted
Leopard Shirt, Leggings & Ring - Forever 21
Scarf & Earrings - Ardene
Boots - Aldo

Boots from Suzy Shier

Skirt from Suzy Shier; Shorts from Envy

Skirt from Envy; Jewelry from Suzy Shier

Jewelery from Suzy Shier

Went on a little spree tonight with my dear friends, Liz and Levi.
We ate some jungle jims then went to the mall for some chats, walk and shopping :)

Happened to venture into Suzy Shier having 40% off the whole store so I got a good number of things, plus that AMAZING pleated asymmetrical coral skirt from envy.
When I bought it I knew that Kendi would be proud!

Brought Liz home, then Levi.
Had a much needed talk, I hate when its way to long between seeing someone!

I have to constantly remind myself that I have the most wonderful people around me, I have to start remembering that they can't be there or hangout if I don't ask them either!

I love you guys, thanks for the great evening.


  1. luvin', for obv reasons.

    p.s. poor levi, clothing shoppin with the likes of you! its an event!

  2. Gorgeous outfit, Kel, as always! :) We had an amazing time too!