jungle fever

currently loving . . .
Everything Animal Print!

{Buy: Coat, Cardigan, Skirt, Dress, Bolero, Wedges, Scarf, Tote, Clutch, Bangles}

I believe if you ever need a 'pick-me-up' for an outfit, throw on some animal print!
You can make a statement to a neutral look, or go all out mixing prints.
Regardless, all animal prints add that little bit more to an outfit, and ups the chic level.
How amazing are these pieces! That palmatian coat! (Channeling Cruella de Vil), that beautiful studded tiger cardigan and those wedges...

*I swear...those leopard wedges will be mine someday!

Hopefully sooner than later...


  1. I also have animal print on my mind. I love the studded cardigan (how cool is that anyway?) and the Topshop boots. Those are crazy fun!

  2. I am a huge animal print fan!  I definitely hope you'll add those wedges to your wardrobe soon..and you know that man in the red suit could just drop them down the chimney for you ;)

  3. Loving animal print right now!! I really want a leopard pencil skirt!

  4. I am also suffering from the jungle fever. Love the red leopard dress.

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  5. Hmmm, hint hint hubby? I've been dying to get them so such a long time!

  6. When I was doing this I saw s pair of Dalmatian print boots. I"m crazy in love with animal print shoes lately! Thanks so much for the comment :)

  7. Me too, Meg! I've been trying to get one thrifted .. no luck yet!

  8. Me too! I'd take any item up there in a heatbeat!
    Thanks for the comment, I'll totally be checking out your blog & the giveaway!

  9. Oh my god what a GORGEOUS dress. Love this!!!