deep purple

{Outfit Details}
Drape Cardigan - Dynamite
Top - Winners
Skirt - Forever 21
Shoes - Soft Moc
Earrings - Ardene

You guys see the sky there!
Its like an ombre blue/purple, so pretty :)
The only thing that excites me about winter, how pretty everything looks + wearing cute hats, mitts & scarves.

Today was a good day!
Had a productive day with excel and a meeting with work.
(It's always a good day when you use excel and have meetings in my book.)
Plus, my boss, Jenn told me she put on her best Calvin Klein suit because she knew I always looked my best on Tuesdays.
Aww shucks.

I even got up at 7:20am to get a shower BEFORE work, and that's pretty much unheard of.
Can't wait for tomorrow!

How was your Tuesday?

(ps, guys I can't get that stupid horizontal scroll bar removed! I've tried everything! any suggestions?)


  1. Haha! The Scroll is driving me nutso :P
    The sky is gorg! I'm sad i never looked out the window and saw it like that. Goes lovely with your outfit, sure.

  2. I'm seriously digging the exciting pattern of your skirt, I'll admit it. (: We've had some gorgeous skies here lately, too. All too soon they will be just grey, though. As for your scroll bar dilemma, I'm not sure without trying to pick through the code. Make sure all of the CSS widths are thin enough to fit on the screen in the browser, first.

  3. LOVE the long purple cardigan!

    xoxo Denise