belts & boxes

I know it's been SUCH a long time, but I'm totally back on track now with the closet series!
Today we're going to take a more intimate look at how I organize my belts.

With zero closet space and little children, hooks basically come to die at my place. Plus I can never find a strong enough hook to fit the heaviest ones, and I really don't want a trailer hitch size hook hanging off of my wall. I like wall mounted hooks, but to the kids it looks like one of those ropes you climb in gym class.

To keep my gyprock, my sanity and my belts in tack I came up with this solution.
(Of course as my house and children get bigger I'll get a proper belt hook but in the meantime, this is what I do. Plus it will be funny to look back in a few years time..)

A Toolbox.

Top layer holds all my fabric/ribbon/came on a shirt belts.

My skinny belts are on the top layer of the bottom section because I use them most.

Then the braided belts.

Then the 'waist belts' as I call them.
Some do more than cinch..(/almost cut of my breathing)

Then my bulkiest, but favorite belts.
I got the top one from a vintage shop in Russia. It's a belt from a Soviet Union Army soldier.
The other one I got in Quebec (7-8 years ago) during a class trip.
It's from Little Earth and is made from recycled material:
Tire Rubber
Soda bottle caps
& A seatbelt buckle!
(they just added their logo on it)
Get your own here!

And that's it!

Next time we take a closer look at how I organize my jewellery, but don't worry. I won't lay every piece of that out!

How do you all organize your belts?


  1. Ahahahah nice kelly.
    And holy crap, i have like 3 belts. No..two plus a couple of coat belts that aren't really belts. I need belts now all of a sudden.

  2. This is such a cute idea, I don't really have ANY organization for that section of my closet. I used a big ole' tool box like this for my art supplies in college... I think I still have it somewhere...

  3. Juanitahurley1111/05/2011

    I love that bottle stopper belt....picked that up in London didn't you Kel?

  4. Clever! Mine are all crammed into a little box and stuffed into my closet...