all that glitters

{Outfit Details}
Blazer - Thrifted
Sequin Tank - Urban Planet
Jeans - Gap
Boots - Aldo
Belt - Urban Planet
Bracelets - Forever 21 & Sirens
Watch - Avon (Gift)
Earrings - Forever 21

I've always wanted a sequin top! This one is my first...isn't that kind of sad?
I got so many looks with this outfit, and I was totally pleased with myself for putting it together. I am totally in love :) So happy!

Let's talk deals for a sec. I hardly but anything full price...unless is already cheap.
Clearance/sale tags are my best friends.

These pants? NEW at Gap for $4.97. I asked the girl if it was correct, and she said 'Yep. It's out of season stuff, and no one wears white after labour day."
I said, "Well then, thank you people who are afraid of that rule. I'll snatch them up."
Plus another white pair, but flared instead of skinny.
Total white pant count: 3

Then I saw this blazer in the Petite section at the thrift store for $5.99, tried it on and though "What's full length on a small lady is 3/4 length for me! Who knows the difference?"

Then Liz and I went shopping tonight, bought a shirt, a maxi dress, a tunic, all $2.99 on then 2 rings, $1 each then a necklace for $2.50 - all things on clearance. Plus I helped her pick out the most beautiful dress! She looks stunning, and am glad she got out of her comfort zone for her birthday :)

Today was another great day, let's keep em' coming!


  1. Jealous of this shopping trip! Wanna see Liz's smokin' dress!
    And ummmmm you look incredible!!
    The hair is perf, the top the blazer the pants the boots alll fabbb.
    pink and silver = <3

  2. Clearance and sales racks are the best. I went to the Gap yesterday too, didn't have enough time to scour all the sales racks. I saw those too, but none in my size sadly. I love love love love that shirt. I am on a sequin high and I keep telling myself that I can't buy every shiny shirt I see (I've actually never bought one, and the only one I have a friend gave to me). I just love the sequins lately for some reason. I'm assuming the cheapie clothes was from Urban Planet? I seriously need to go shopping...

    Oh yeah, ps you look totally awesome. I love all three pieces and I'm jealous. I think I need to start stealing your clothes, kay?  lol.

  3. Aaaaaaaw! :D You are the sweetest, most trendy lady I know!

  4. Clara Turbay11/03/2011

    You did a great job in this post.
    You look great i hope you have time to check out my blog and share some comments.

  5. that's a great combination!