uh oh

{Outfit Details}
Jean Top - Gap (Thrifted)
Tank (Underneath), Leggings & Earrings - Forever 21
Leg Warmers - (No Clue)
Boots - Aldo
Belt & Scarf - Ardene

Guess what time it was when I went out to take pics?
Looks more like 10pm to me. It gets dark here SUPER fast now.
Guess what the temperature was.
5°C (41°F for all my American readers)
Guess what tomorrow has?

Uh oh.
I'm clearly not ready for dark, cold, or snow.

I pretty much hibernate when the winter comes.
It could be a million degrees and I would still be cold.

Maybe if I wear a skirt tomorrow I'll trick the weather into thinking it's summer.
Yes? No... :(


  1. Stephanie Hickey10/28/2011

    I hate how it gets dark early now! I basically live in the woods and recently renovated my porch and there are no lights outside my apartment door, it's pretty freaky.

  2. It's killing me how early it gets dark! And it felt colder than that, as does today. But no snow yet!

    I like the top half of this outfit, and the boots, but leggings aren't pants and it pains me to see you wearing them as such! You're such a cute little person, wear real pants instead! :P

  3. I think you look fab. You know what guys have told me? Leggings as pants = hot butt = hot. Thas how i feel. As long as they dont give you camel toe and aren't see through, you're good to go, far as i'm concerned. People gotta lighten the F up about leggings!
    p.s. saw jean jacket/shirt pencil holders in one of the home decor stores (dont know which one/the name) and i thought of you!

  4. Cute colors in this outfit! :) And I'm still lovin' those boots!!!

  5. I have never been called a cute little person in my life! More like tall and muscular haha. But thanks for the comment!
    I can't steer away from leggings, better than track pants and more comfy than jeans! :)

  6. Lol you look like you'd be shorter, I have no idea why. I understand the draw of leggings but at least wear longer shirts haha. It's a giant pet peeve of mine! At least yours are opaque, I've seen some girls that literally were wearing tights with short hoodies. Not a good look...