{Outfit Details}
Top - Urban Planet
Jeans - Gap (Thrifted)
Boots - Urban Planet
Necklace & Wood Bracelet - Ardene
Studs & Cuff - Forever 21
Watch - Avon (Gift)
Red Braided Wrap Bracelet - DIY

Rain rain go away!
ALL day it didn't let up. That makes for a really crooked me.
It always dampens my mood..
BUT I did get outdoor pictures, regardless. Just had to drive around for a few [after Swiss pardon the bloat ;)] and find somewhere with an overhang.

See what I'm talking about with obsessed with flowy tops?
Well this one takes the cake.
Mixed with the combat boots I'm like a rebel Pocahontas.

And I know I've mentioned it before, but I have big plans for this blog to grow, and I don't think I'll be able to wait until Christmas to start it!
When I make a final decision on a start of my ... 'expand/grow my blog project' I'll do a separate post to that to make you all aware of the changes!
Maybe by my 100th post? As a celebration of that many? Hmm

Ahhh so excited!

ps. what do you guys do for photos when it rains? wait it out? skip that day? what if it rains for days?.. :)


    slash yes i think its a good idea to start your changes then

    likes that flowy top

  2. p.s. i woulda danced in the rain js. like a gypsy.

  3. I feel like it's never going to stop raining. Really. I usually skip those days, unless I really like my outfit at which point I set up my tripod inside. I don't blog OOTD's everyday, so I can build them up on nicer days. Sad to say, I know.

    I'm excited to see what you're planning! Trying to guess isn't working out so well haha.

  4. Ohh I like that necklace. Nice job with the night photos - I've tried this before and I looked like a monster creeping around in the dark. 

    As far as rain, well, our rainy season is actually in the summer months, so we're entering dry season right now thankfully. I didn't start my blog until the rainy season had basically ended. On the few days it did rain, I just skipped a post :( You could also take some cute photos with an umbrella and sit your camera up under an overhang... ?

  5. Love the pop of color the necklace adds. 
    I took my pictures yesterday at work, bathroom mirror. Plus is really convenient :)