rain, rain, go away

{Outfit Details}
Cardi - Sirens
Tank - Walmart
Skirt - Vintage (Gift)
Flats - Ardene
Earrings - Suzy Shier

[Sorry about the lack of/grainy/dark/terrible photos. I was actually half debating not to post these... (even I'm starting to have standards with my blog!) ]

The rain didn't want to let up today and I had to do a dozen things to do of course. That's the way it always works out isn't it.
I had a great day at work filled with meetings, excel, laughter and cake.
Who doesn't love those things!
Or am I the only one loving excel?
(I like making spreadsheets... no judgement!)

I'm excited for tomorrows outfit so stay tuned, it'll be worth it :)


  1. I have that sweater! :)

    I love allllll of your outfits, super jealous. <3

  2. this is super cuute! but im left feeling super excited for tomorrows outfit!

  3. Cake at work always makes things better! I'm so bummed about the boots the Dulce Vita ones are a completely different color in real life & both pairs of boots fit really awkwardly :( ps: I'm also VERY over all this rain lol

  4. I love your skirt Kelly!  It works perfectly with the cardi...great ides to tie it btw!  Looking forward to tomorrows outfit!