poor debbie

{Outfit Details}
T-shirt - Forever 21
Scarf - Ardene
Skirt - Envy
Flats - Ardene
Watch - (Gift)
Earrings - (Gift)

Not to be a 'debbie downer' (who put that name on the poor girl anyway?) but my morning was not a very nice one.
It was cold, there was too much traffic, the little girl started to act up as we were trying to head out the door, hubby and I got in a fight then I got to work and the 900+ booklets I labelled to send off in the mail got rejected in the mail slot because they were shaped like 'pill bottles' ( School of Pharmacy) and the little ridge on the top wouldn't fit in the sorter so I had to put them all in separate envelopes and label/ sort them.
That was nearly 2000 times...ughh.

Okay okay, enough with the negativity. Just had to let out one last UGH before I go and read my lovely new book at the gym. (I told ya before, multitasker extraordinaire!)

There was one great thing that came out of today though, I kept begging myself to let me wear a blue shirt with this scarf, then I told myself no, and put on the yellow one which oddly grabbed my attention this morning.
I was actually pleasantly surprised!


  1. spardikis10/04/2011

    Totally a cute outfit. Yellow is a fav of mine. im sorry but lol@your bad day. Gotta laugh tha everything goes wrong at once! 900+ times, twice, eeek!

  2. Hey hun! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment!

    I'm following you!

    I love this yellow top and your flats! I need a new pair of black flats! I love how you paired the scarf w/ the outfit, a scarf is always a good accessorie!

    xoxo Denise