pastels & blue

{Outfit Details}
Blazer - Vintage (Gift)
Lace/Crochet Shorts - Envy
Shirt - Urban Planet
Boots - Urban Original
Scarf & Earrings - Ardene
Bracelet - (In support of Autism Society)
Watch - (Gift)

I got a few compliments on this blazer today.
I've gotta say, when I saw this baby hanging in my nan's closet I could feel it crying out to me to be worn.
I snatched (/stole) it and have been trying to figure out what to wear with it ever since!

Its the perfect royal blue, the cut is great & secretly has 80's shoulder pads in it!

I wanted to make it pop, so I dressed it with pastel colors on top and neuts on bottom.
Plus, what doesn't go great with lace shorts?

[ps: I've been lacking labels since I started this, so from now on I'll be labeling with colors too!
my label cloud is on the bottom of the left side bar, in case you ever wanted to check out something by color :) ]


  1. were ya cold? i love the blazer, still love those short, and the boots are cuuute.

  2. Nah! I had pantyhose on, which I know seems like nothing but the combination of that + high boots + thunder thighs = bk :)

  3. LOVE those shorts and the way you styled them :) 

  4. Hannah Burd10/16/2011

    I love this outfit, along with all of them! Those shorts are to die for! :)