{Outfit Details}
Sweater - Urban Planet
Tank - Forever 21
Jeggings - Forever 21
Flats - Ardene
Earrings - Ardene
Necklaces & Bracelet - (A Boutique in Dublin)
Watch - (Gift)

The rain held up enough to take a few quick snaps.
I know this outfit is anything but 'fun', but who's really keeping tally of boring vs great anyway?
I'm definitely not.

I've been reading a lot of short stories and books lately, in both French and English, and I find myself getting more and more into them and having hours pass without even knowing.
(I know! Readers seem like a rare breed in the generation)
Outfits like this are comfy for reading in the library comfortably!

Or on the exercise bike for an hour..but now I can't feel my lower half.

Work tomorrow so I promise to spiff it up a bit!
(I'll tell you now, I keep sporting the 'bun' for work- it's just so much easier to do things without meters of hair strewn about.)


  1. Nice outfit!

  2. Those flats are super cute!! 

  3. Boring is never a bad thing :P adorable flats and crochet sweaters are enough to make an outfit "fun" without being loud..or "spicy" ;)

    I totally agree - readers are a rare breed - people my age tend to give me weird looks whenever I start my sentence with "oh..I was reading this book..." - as if to say "you mean..watching a TV show?"

    Us readers have to stick together!


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    and lovely post :))


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