nothing planned

{Outfit Details}
Jacket - Smart Set (Gift)
Sweater - Sirens
Skirt - Forever 21
Shoes - Payless
Flower Pin & Necklace- Forever 21
Earrings - Avon (Gift)
Bracelets - Autism Society, Forever 21 and a Gift

I tried to write something of a personal nature here, but for many reasons I keep them to myself. Forgive me if my posts seem to constantly lack a deeper connection between myself and you all.

I'm sure there are many things we can all relate to, and some we cannot.
I guess this blog is the only place I dedicate to myself, and myself alone.
I'm not trying to sound vain when I say this. I mean that in the past I've had Xanga and other online journals where I would write anything and everything about me, my past, and the present. Some things which should never have been discussed via an online outlet.
I may post some things from time to time, that I feel tug on my heart strings very strongly.
But frankly, I got tired of talking to others about my problems and realized that I need to talk to myself more, as well as God.

Clothes, simple paragraphs either about the outfit or my day, are what I need sometimes to escape the chaos (both good and bad) that seems to be my life as a whole.

I hope you understand my reasonings, though very vague, about why I keep it so light and airy around here. It's my own breath of fresh air and I would hate to feel disconnected with my followers/readers, with you all reciprocating the feeling.


I didn't plan to type this, but there was an urge to just say it.
This outfit was also unplanned, but it all came together nicely, like this post.

Thanks guys, I love you all :)


  1. Well it's not a blog about your personal life, now is it! So we dont need the details, anyways! But i will say your posts are seeming to get less wordy and less informative. I know you dont wanna write a whole lot, but we like to hear from you, ya know! I was happy to see a bit more words here tonight.
    As for the outfit, that skirt will never get old. BA BAM, good lookin'. shoes/skirt combo is fab.

  2. Yeah this weeks been hard up for words. I blame too many papers and tests! I'll get back in the swing of things soon i'm hoping.
    as always, thanks for the love and opinions girl!

  3. Very cute outfit - the skirt is awesome! I hear ya on not wanting to get too personal (ugh, quick rant about facebook friends being way way way too open with their status updates... ) but I also like knowing more about you and getting to know you on a more meaningful level than just clothing :)