{Outfit Details}
Poncho? Cape? - Fairweather
Tank (underneath) - Forever 21
Skirt - Urban Planet
Boots - Urban Original
Knee Highs - Payless
Necklace - Ardene
Bracelets - (Gifts), Ardene and Sirens

It gets dark here SERIOUSLY fast now.
It was close to 615 when I took these photos.
Can you even see me or do I blend in too much?

I was trying to go for a monochromatic look..but kind of easing into it.
All brown would either make me look like I'm in a body suit or that I really don't know what I'm doing when it comes to clothes.
My compromise? Be monochromatic-ish.

Hey, at least I'm the same color family, plus I got a semi-arm party on the go.
Arm get-together maybe?


  1. Arm get-together! haha! I love it. That's good. 

    Happy Friday and weekend :) 

  2. nice poncho nerd. into it. it looks really good on you.
    SO funny is that i was thinking about this gray leopard print poncho that i want really bad from sears yesterday! i might order it around christmas if the price isnt too bad.

  3. Hi darling! Love the poncho (or is it a cape?) Lol I seriously don't know either I just keep calling mine ponchos but who knows! Either way, wonderful post! :) To answer your question about the colored jeans- I thrift most of them! Surprising right?! I got the pink pair on sale from Delia's last spring ($10!!) and the yellow ones were from the thrift store. I found the red and purple ones from a seconhand store but both are from Forever 21 originally. They have some good deals but I would recommend Delia's as well! xo Missy

  4. SherryGoldsmith10/14/2011

    I love the poncho!!!  I've been keeping my eye for either a poncho or a cape and I like this one!  I'm loving your blog! :)