{Outfit Details}
Fleece Coat - Forever 21
Top - Winners
Tank (Underneath) - Forever 21
Jeans - Urban Planet
Flats - Ardene
Earrings - Ardene
Watch & Strap - (Gift)
Bracelet - (In support of Autism Society)
Ring - Forever 21

See Kelly.
See Kelly hysterical.
See Kelly about to lose it.

MAN by the time Fridays roll around, lately I've been so tired that I'm ready to pass out from brain overload and exhaustion.
There's been so many tests, assignments and papers over the last few weeks I'm finding it hard to write a full sentence without fixing it a million times...and I pride myself on my spelling!

I need to go to bed.

Alas, I have a paper to finish writing..that was due today.
(God love my English prof, isn't going to penalize me for over the weekend lateness.)


  1. something about the way the shirt hangs im not liking too much! but i do love the pattern/colors and the outfit. pink is always good to see. ITS PINK FRIDAY, ya dig?!

  2. yay, so glad you're not being penalized for this paper being late!
    have you tried this shirt with a belt? i'd love to see it!

  3. bad joan10/15/2011

    cute top! love the cut out shoulders!


  4. btw..i want that coat. :(

  5. Yeahhh i half blame it on the subway i ate before taking these!haha
    but i kinda look pregnant (god help me) in the last photo.

  6. thanks so much! I really like open cut shoulders, it adds something else to the outfits!

  7. I knowwww thank god!
    Now i just need to get it done for monday..
    and I will belt this top next time, lessons learned haha

  8. That top is very interesting - I like the cuts and the pattern quite a bit. I don't know why but the jeans caught my eye - they fit you very well (that and I have ~13 pairs - maybe that's why I always notice jeans :)