double take

{Outfit Details}
Cardigan - H&M
Maxi Dress - Old Navy
Belt - Thrifted
Headband - Forever 21
Boots - Spring
Earrings - Ardene

I'm totally feeling better today :)
Thanks for the love yesterday, I know I'm still getting my own personal 'niche' here, but I'm excited to share with you all my plan for the new year in regard to this blog!
But I'm going to keep you in suspense for a little while longer, my way of making you come back? ;)

Okay, this was the outfit that I originally had on Saturday, but changed into this one.
I liked the navy/grey combo better that day, so I wanted to keep it for a day where I wasn't stuck in the house.
I did a take on my own take.
Did that even make sense?

I'm kind of torn now on what I actually like better. They're basically the same outfit, but with pieces and colors to make it their own in a different way.
Did that make sense either?

What do you guys think..
Grey or Khaki?


  1. You look fantastic in both outfits, I'd have to say I love the pink accents!  No worries on MIA in the commenting dept, I am sure you've been bz ;)

  2. Hmmmmmm. im lovin this right in your face comparison! I like the way this dress (&outfit) looks on you better, but i have to agree with Bravoe Runway on the pink accents lookin' good. If that yellow belt was pink it would be like the best of both worlds. Yeah, i like them both.

  3. I like the grey one, with the yellow accessories, but honestly I think that's got a lot to do with the lighting! I think I personally like the one with the pink more, but you look better in this post's pics. I know the sunlight was absolutely beautiful yesterday and would have helped ootd pics, as opposed to the general grey tone we usually have. I felt like crap and got into sweatpants to go to yoga instead of taking outfit pics. It's gotta be done sometimes haha.

    P.s. this is going to sound extra creepy, but I think I recognized you on your way home from work yesterday. if you drive a Matrix, my creeping skills have officially come to whole new level lol.

  4. I love yellow, but I think I actually like it better with pink accents. You look so cute in that pic!

  5. This is so so cute! I love the yellow belt! Such a great addition and pop of color to your outfit!! You look gorgeous and these pics are so cute!

    xoxo ~ Denise

    PS: Don't forget to enter my vintage jewelry/antique giveaway on my blog!!

    seems like we're both creepers! That car is my baby :)
    should have waved or something! I'm super good with names and faces

  7. Aww thanks! I'm pretty sure I like the yellow better strangely enough!

  8. Aww thanks Denise!
    I will totally enter the giveaway asap!
    Thanks for the comment and info :)

  9. Thanks so much Bessie!
    And life is always hectic, now that the papers have died down a bit i'll get back on the commenting!

  10. thanks girl! We need a date soon to get colored pants, haha.
    I think that belt is awesome, totally worth the .50 !

  11. Hilarious. And I would have, had I not been creeped out by my own creepiness! I'm in the same style car (awd hatchback) but Suzuki and blue.

  12. Well, they're both cute and I do love yellow!! :)

  13. I love that yellow belt!  Especially with that cardigan.

  14. i looove the pop of yellow!

    so cute!

  15. Jessica10/25/2011

    I like the pink accessories better, but the way you have your hair with the one on the left suits the outfit a lot better. The bun is too stiff looking for the flowy dress. The yellow belt is great though.

    This gress would also look great with a black leather jacket and pops of red. I love red and gray. Green and gray are good too, for a more muted look