almost there

{Outfit Details}
Cardigan - Sirens
Top - DIY
Skirt - Reitmans (Gift)
Boots - Spring
Earrings - Forever 21
Belt - Urban Planet

I must have said it a million times by now but I am ecstatic to say that I am going to be blogging a bit differently come Friday!
That's all you get.
I'm soo close and can't believe I've waited this long!
If you know me in person, you know that when I want something, or need something done I HAVE to do it the day of or ASAP
This girl lacks, patience I tell ya. But hey, I'm workin' on it!

Tomorrow the kids and I are going to a Halloween party, and instead of thinking of a costume I'm trying to think up an outfit that won't be ruined by
A: multiple children and their drinks
B: my children's love for cheesies, thus cheese fingers
C: any other food that might cause stickiness or stains on mama clothes.

I have the most perfect outfit in my head...but all I can seem to pair it with is white pants.
Can't get them out of my head..must resist urge to wear white pants.


  1. Don't ruin your white pants!!
    I LOOOVE this outfit and you look really cute however the skirt seems big in weird areas. you too small gurl. But its a fab outfit.

    I'm also excited to say my tshirt shop will be back up by Monday(if i work tomorrow)! :D Nothing fancy enough for you (since they are just tshirts) but AY im stylin.

  2. Love your hair like this! You look adorable! And I'm excited to see what's in store on your blog :)

  3. Thanks! Yesterday was a little rough [lol], so hopefully I'll get something up today. :)